Ye Quizze for 2008: Questionne 2

Which of the following multiple choice questions might be correct? Any, all or a combination thereof are possible!

Trutine of Hermes

a. A flute with three holes, able to play the true tone of Nature. This is the Magic Flute played by Tamino.

b. The antiscion of the Moon at conception is the same as the Ascendant at birth.

c. The difference between the Sun and Moon at birth added to the Ascendant. This is the Ascendant at conception. The Moon’s position in the conception chart is then the true birth Ascendant.

d. A corruption of “true time”. Trutine is the actual time of birth and not the mean or common time normally used.


2 thoughts on “Ye Quizze for 2008: Questionne 2

  1. Dear Thomas

    I chose ‘none of the above’ and maintain that ‘Trutine of Hermes’ is really an Epicurian Hors d’oeuvre created out of sea trout by Mercury Escoffier when he was last transiting Pisces.


  2. How did you discover my secret? After all of these centuries?
    Now I’ll have to change the ingredients! :——–D

    M. E. chef extraordinaire

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