Calculating Primary Directions by Hand

As it is not easy to find a step-by-step calculation guide for directions I am presenting one here. This is for the stout-hearted as the calculations involve 7 steps. But if done systematically, it doesn’t take that long.

They are based on Erich Carl Kühr’s calculation example in his book, “Berechnung der Ereigniszeiten”. Erich Carl Kühr (1899-1951), is a fairly unknown German astrologer. One of his great merits, are his tables for both Right Ascension and Oblique Ascension. He was a proponent for the use of Primary Directions, and did his best to make their calculation and use as simple as possible. You will need two sets of logarithmic tables if you want to do these calculations. The first is a table of goniometric, trigonometric logarithms. The second is a table of Proportional Logarithms for 0 to 179 degrees. Both tables can be found in the Useful Links section to the right.

4 thoughts on “Calculating Primary Directions by Hand

  1. Hello Ajit,
    This would have to be part of an article as illustrations cannot be added to the comments section. It may take me a while as I have a very heavy schedule at the moment, but I will try to attend to it as soon as I can. Maybe Martin Gansten’s book will have been published by then? 😉

    best regards,

  2. Sir,
    I am not sure if the formulae are correct. The results achieved by formulae nos. 5 and 6 are very different when compared to those arrived at by applying the method given by Sepharial. Somehow, my own experience suggests that Sepharial’s method elaborated in “Directional Astrology” comes closer to the mark when considering primary directions under the poles of the planets.
    This is just an observation and I sincerely do not mean any offence to the adherents of late Herr Kuehr’s method.

    • Hello Ezra,
      Please use the method which seems best to you. Although the calculation ofpPrimary directions is very dry indeed, the methods do seem to reach an emotional note for followers of different methods. No apology needed as this is not a theme that I get hot and bothered about!
      best regards,

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