59 pm GMT 105e25, 6s06

Grand Conjunction, 18 Apr. 1881 1:35:59 pm GMT 105e25, 6s06

00 LMT 105e25, 6s06

Small Conjunction, 20 July, 1883 9:56:00 LMT 105e25, 6s06

49 PM, 105e25, 6s06

Aries Ingress, 20th March 1883, 10:49 PM, 105e25, 6s06

27am GMT, 105e25 6s06

Lunar Eclipse, Apr. 22, 1883, 11:27am GMT, 105e25 6s06

17 GMT 105e25, 6s06

Cancer Ingress, 21 June, 1883 7:03:17 GMT 105e25, 6s06

53 pm GMT,

Full Moon, 18th August, 1883 12:53 pm GMT,

02 pm LMT, 105e25. 6s06

Event, 27 Aug. 1883, 10:02 pm LMT, 105e25. 6s06

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