On this page you will find various charts that are refered to in the ‘comments’ Section, where they cannot be placed:

  1. This Chart is for a comment in the Article, Earthquake prediction: Area Location?
    56 GMT

    San Bernardino Quake sample chart: Apr. 21, 2014 0:56 GMT

    Paul Langveldt's timing chart

    Paul Langveldt's timing chart

  2. san-bernadino-lunation-prior-to-the-horary-time


    The previous Lunation looks pretty horrible doesn’t it for the 2014 one. I think this is far worse than your May 2009 one so will concentrate on that


57 GMT ''Bernardino CA, (Regiomontanus)

Event of 21 Apr. 2014: 00:52:57 GMT ''Bernardino CA, (Regiomontanus)

31 CET Aagdorp, Netherlands (Placidus)

USA natal, 12th harmonic Solar return: 3 Apr, 2014, 04:59:31 CET Aagdorp, Netherlands (Placidus)

03 EDT Philadelphia, PA (Placidus)

USA natal, 4th harmonic lunar return, 17 Apr. 2014, 12:50:03 EDT Philadelphia, PA (Placidus)

55 EDT, Philadelphia, PA (Equal)

USA natal: 237,7955 Harmonic Age, 21 Apr 2014, 17:13:55 EDT, Philadelphia, PA (Equal)

10 thoughts on “Earthquakes

  1. Hi Thomas and PauL

    I am not sure that PauL’s ‘System’ for the timing of Horary charts works if you relocate the chart, and so I am unable to comment on this.

    Did you use the original location for Erlangen PauL?

    I think that 12 units is the time scale and so will try to apply your ‘System’ to that and see what I come up with :0)


  2. Hello Caroline,

    The chart is no longer a relocated horary chart. It is the chart for the actual time. The horary only provided the basis of time. The above chart is for roughly 6 1/2 years.


  3. Hi Thomas,
    Caro has been right – by changing the place
    there is nothing left of my original chart and of the
    system I used.
    Thomas would you please show my progression
    of the horary from Erlangen on 21 April 2014 ?
    Thank you !

  4. Hello Thomas and PauL :0)

    It is OK, I ran the chart off for myself PauL, I just needed your confirmation that I had been applying your ‘system’ correctly 😉

    It is indeed a truly ‘cataclysmic’ chart with the nasty cardinal grand cross and Saturn opposing the I.C. of the original horary location. Interesting that the grand cross is in the 14th degree. Mars is Rx in the 15th degree so I wonder if the ‘timing’ of any possible earthquake can be taken when Mars moves back into the 14th?

    I will do that and the Vernal Ingress charts for California tomorrow. It is the wrong end of the day for me now.


  5. Hello Thomas and PauL :0)

    I agree with Paul that if we are taking the six and a half time units as per the horary, then that brings us to 21st April 2014 as per Paul’s timing system (yet to be published) at the location of the horary.

    So we relocate the chart to San Bernardino CA as shown by Thomas in the chart section above, and goodness gracious! That is one dreadful chart. (00:56 GMT; 21st April 2014, San Bernardino, CA; 34N07 117W18; Ascendant: 13* 13’ Libra)

    Funnily enough I don’t think that the previous Vernal Ingress shows too much trouble, (16:58 GMT, 20th March 2014; San Bernardino) and although I don’t like the look of the aspects on the previous Lunation with the Full Moon across the I.C./M.C axis, the Mercury/Uranus conjunction (also at 13 degrees) is 10 degrees away from the I.C. Shouldn’t this mean that the epicentre of the ‘quake’ would be to 600 miles to the West of San Bernadino? (Using 60 miles per degree).

    The Previous Full Moon to the Horary timed chart would be:
    07:41 GMT; 15th April 2014, San Bernadino, CA)

    We are certainly living in ‘interesting times’! 😦


    • Hello Caroline,

      I’ll put the chart you sent me for the lunation in the Earthquake section.

      I also have wondered how to place the epicentre of an earthquake. But 600 miles to the west of San Bernardino would be somewhere in the Pacific! That is why I readjusted Paul’s timing chart from San Francisco to San Bernardino, the thought being the more exact the conjunction to the angles the closer to the epicentre.

      From these charts It does seem that around April 21, 2014 it is also very critical.


  6. Hello PBT,

    Could you demonstrate how you arrive at your prediction? (the charts you used with their data) The ‘when’ might be interesting but the ‘how’ even more so.

    best regards,

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