Earthquake prediction: Area Location?

I was recently asked offline why I chose San Francisco and not Los Angeles, which seems to be even more endangered. This is correct. If you remember my initial timing focus was given by a horary question. The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 is the only one that I remembered from geology lessons, ages ago. It is set in my mind as the archtypical Californian earthquake.

We took the following steps in our search:

  1. Perigee Moon for the end of May 2009
  2. Sample time close to this position with Moon activating the Mercury position, by conjunction, in the 2008 Small Conjunction chart for San Francisco.

You will notice that all of the charts are calculated for GMT. This has one advantage, the chart can then easily be adjusted for another position. This will be demonstrated in the next charts. But first let us make another adjustment in our search for critical times. We have different possibilities, one of the most significant points in these charts is the IC. This has a symbolical reason. The IC is the lowest point of any chart, it is the foundation on which everything else rests, appropriate when looking at the stability of that foundation. Another is to adjust for the position of Mercury, the earthquake planet. One of the mundane charts can be used for this. I will be demonstrating this by using the position of Mercury at 29 Gemini 51 in the Small Conjunction chart. The Moon is brought into exact conjunction with this point. The town that has been chosen is San Bernadino, California.

44 am, 26 May 2009

San Bernadino sample: 6:44 am GMT, 26 May 2009

Quite often in these charts other significant factors can be prominant. In this chart you will find that Mercury conjuncts the IC. Mercury also in opposition to the antiscion of the 2009 Solar Eclipse position of the eclipsed Sun (Sun/Moon). You will also note that the Nodes are conjunct the Asc/Desc. axis. We could say that this chart shows even more critical factors than the San Francisco chart that we looked at.

Now let us jump to another part of the world, using the same Moon position (GMT time) as the San Bernadino chart. Chengdu, the scene of this years terrible earthquake. Would May 26th also be a critical time for this region?

44 am GMT, 26 May 2009

Chengdu sample: 6:44 am GMT, 26 May 2009

In this particular chart the Moon/Mercury position of Small Conjunction is in opposition to the IC. We can consider this a critical factor, although I think by far not as critical as in the San Bernardino chart. Mercury in this chart is not angular. I would, dear reader, welcome your thoughts on this.

For those readers who would like to pursue this further. The charts for Indonesia might be looked into as Indonesia is at the end of the January annular solar eclipse path.

As in my last article I would like to repeat:

We can only await developments to see what happens and whether the last week of May 2009 will be a normal Californian earthquake week (they are constantly happening) or whether there is increased violent earthquake activity.

4 thoughts on “Earthquake prediction: Area Location?

  1. Paul Langeveld of the Netherlands contacted me, with a series of charts that he thought very important. He used my original horary and examined the time period for roughly 6 1/2 years.

    This is what he says in his email:

    My basis has been your horary of the 14 th November and I accepted your m.o. taking Sun/Mercury with the distance of about 6 Years ? and came to the worst chart I ever got under my eyes!

    You can view the chart in the newly created charts page (click on the above charts rider) This is not his original chart. I have adjusted it for San Bernardino, and it is even worse then the chart he showed me! You will note the Grand Cross in the cardinal signs between Moon/Pluto IC – Uranus Desc – Jupiter MC – Mars Asc.

    The chart(s) can be found here

    Perhaps others may want to make their observations.

  2. Dear Thomas,

    With reference to my progressed chart of your question
    “When will a possibly earthquake happen again in California?”
    which resulted in my chart of the 21 April 01:32 Cet AC 17 Cap 56
    Erlangen with the Mill Moon /Pluto to Mars/to Jupiter and to Uranus
    and which you have relocated to Bernardino CA because in your opinion that place was located in the area in question, I
    took the liberty to change day and time to GMT as you wished
    to this new location and came to the 20 th April 2014 at
    00:52:57 GMT Bernardino CA .

    It ‘ll be clear to everybody that if a calamity takes place anywhere
    in the USA this must be visable in the USA Natal chart of 1776.
    I have sent you the explanation of Dymock Brose himself why the Harmonic Age of any event in a person’s life or in a chart is giving the exact reason why this happened:

    This is what Dymock Brose says:

    The most notable advance in astrological techniques for centuries has been the development of Harmonics into Age Harmonics. Most experienced astrologers are familiar with the general concept of Harmonics, as expounded by John Addey. They have been in use from ancient times. But only the advance guard of astrologers have grasped the significance, uniqueness and great utility of Age Harmonics.

    What is different about AGE Harmonics? It is principally the concept of
    using the age of a person, an organization, a nation, a city, an enterprise, etc, to elicit information concerning the future of that person, nation, enterprise, etc. This is probably its most important role but by no means the only one. Age Harmonics have a unique value in several areas of Astrology where they shed light on questions that have perplexed practitioners from time immemorial.

    The two charts which more or less confirm the Harmonic Age are the 12th Harmonic Solar Return which is in fact a 12th part of the Solar Return around the day in question and the 4th Harmonic Lunar Return, also called the Weekly, which in fact is the fourth part of a Lunar around the day in question.


  3. Hello Paul,

    I will upload your charts to the charts section, so that any interested reader may find them there. Thank you for your comment and your obvious interest in this topic.

    But I want to be quite frank with you. I am a bit sceptical about harmonics, primarily because I don’t really understand what such charts are showing me. How far removed is the symbolical “timing” from the true celestial state of the originating chart? Primary Directions are difficult enough to calculate by hand, but from what I understand harmonics cannot, they must be done with the aid of a computer. That is a level of abstraction which goes a step too far for me! Are the aspects of a harmonic chart really true aspects? For example an Ebertin Cosmogram is something like a 3rd harmonic chart. But he doesn’t use aspects anymore, as any planets conjunct in a cosmogram are either in square or opposition. Only midpoints are brought into consideration. So are the squares and oppositions in your chart really squares? Quite honestly I prefer the traditional techniques because I can see them in my mind’s eye, harmonics remove themselves from my vision and so it is highly unlikely that I will ever use them. But perhaps there are readers at Altair who can make something of them and the significance you give them.

    thank you,

  4. “Primary Directions are difficult enough to calculate by hand, but from what I understand harmonics cannot, they must be done with the aid of a computer.”

    ‘Morning Thomas and PauL

    Au contraire Thomas!

    Dymock Brose’s system of Age Harmonics can and were indeed worked out by hand for several years before the advent of computers. Dymock very kindly once sent me a sort of Logarithmic table to use, but I can’t find reference to this now on his website. Perhaps because it is so much easier to use Solar Fire! 😉

    I know that PauL has had some outstanding successes with the Age Harmonic system, (including predicting various events in my own life) but I must confess that personally I have had no success with this method at all. I have therefore remained with my tried and tested traditional methods of prediction. But that isn’t to say I won’t come back and try again in the future!


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