If you have any questions on traditional astrology you may ask them here. Either Dr. Nostuabuk (if they are very arcane) or I will get around to answering them as soon as we can!

Thomas, H.N.

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  1. Dear Lobna,

    Mars is in the 28th ordinal degree of Capricorn from near midnight on Jan. 30th and is there until about 2:00 in the morning of February 2. Note that the 28 of the tables is an ordinal number, this is sometimes confusing. (i.e. the 1st degree of a sign is from 0*00 to 0*59). I have a link listed under USEFUL called ephemeris. There you may download a pdf for the 2009 ephemeris.

    with best wishes,

    • Hello Karen,

      If you use a computer programme then you should look for the menu item: secondary charts: return. Choose your chart and then choose the Sun as your return planet and the year. The return chart is calculated so that the Sun has the same position as it had at birth. The birthday wish, “Many happy returns” refers to the Sun returning to its natal position. If you want the method for hand calculation please let me know.
      best regards,

  2. I have been looking for an astrologer to do a birth time rectification for me and it is becoming quite a challenge. I see that the fee ranges from $16.00 up to $700.00. Some say this search is very time consuming. Usually most ask for the date and time of big events that has happened through out your life, and that you have to be over 30 years old and at least have some idea of your birth time. Which I am and do. What do you think of the Trutine of Hermes method? And can you recomend someone? I am also having a hard time figuring out how to do the Trutine of Hermes method. Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance for any information you may provide me.


  3. Hello Elaine,

    A good rectification is indeed a very time consuming affair. A $16.00 fee cannot be serious. You can just as well pick a number between 1 and 20 out of a hat and then decide whether you want to add or subtract from the base birthtime. $700.00 is closer to a fair remuneration of an intensive event oriented rectification.

    I usually begin a rectification with a look at the Trutine of Hermes and the Aniomodar method. Quite often, but not always the times concur. If they do, this can be a good basis for a test rectification. If you look closely at the older and ancient texts you will find that there is a general approach to any astrological question. You look at the chart for a particular situation. If it is not there then you go on to the next and so on until you find what matches to the chart. A good example of this is the description on how to find the hyleg. If the Light of the time is not in a good place then look at the Lord of the Ascendant. If the Lord of the Asc. is also not in a good place then look at the planet which has the most dignities in the Asc. degree etc.

    If you are familiar with the concept of Trutine, then you have enough astrological background to attempt a basic rectification yourself. You will invest a lot of time but there are two advantages:

    you save money

    and you improve your astrology.

    I would attempt that first and then go to a competent astrologer if all fails. But you will have to be prepared to spend a minimum of $300.00, depending on how much time is involved. As there was a recent question by Ajit on how to use the calculation sheet provided here I will include your question in a regular article so that it is available to others with this question. Will that be all right? Please give me a few days to write something up. As I told Ajit I have a very heavy schedule at the moment.

    best regards,

  4. Hello Anannya,

    Astrology is very context oriented, which means that the position of Saturn, whatever the degree, must be looked at in terms of the chart as a whole. Generally, Saturn in the first degrees of Scorpio has no dignity. In fact Mars has all of them (domicile, triplicity, term, face)! So look at the position and condition of Saturn in the chart you are asking about (is it angular? cadent? ) and look also at Mars. What are they Lords of? Do they aspect one another? Are they aspected by other planets? etc.

    best regards,

  5. i just needed a quick question anwsered about: Ascendants. What if you and your lover have the same sign( cancer) in your ascendants (rising sign)?

  6. Dear Speacial-K,

    “Birds of a feather flock together”. This old proverb probably describes a shared Ascendant best. As you know the Ascendant describes appearance and physical condition. In this context a shared Ascendant would describe what species of love birds you are but would not be sufficient in describing each of you individually or how you relate to one another. You see an Ascendant sign alone is much too general to describe qualitative differences. The term and decan that each Ascendant is in would give a further level of detail, so also aspects to the respective Ascendants, from which planet and from where, eventual conjunctions with fixed stars, etc. Your question offers you a wonderful opportunity to begin exploring Astrology in more depth. I would recommend looking into Wm. Lilly’s “Christian Astrology” for these details. Best wishes for your future studies! 🙂

  7. I’m trying to rectify my chart using animodar, but I think I did it wrong.

    The syzygy of the new moon was 16 44 Gemini, so I used Mercury as the Lord. My Mercury is at 20 32 Cancer and it is in the 6th house, so it is closer to the asc/desc axis. I made my rectified ascendant 20 degrees of Aquarius because on my “regular” chart the ascendant was 3 degrees of Aquarius. Should I have made it 20 degrees of Capricorn instead? I need to know because the chart that corresponds to my real time of birth is broken LOL. I think it is because I was born in 1967. This is one of the first years they switched to daylight savings time, maybe the hospital that I was at didn’t get the memo or the clock didn’t keep good time. I was born 6/19/1967 at 10:40pm (close to Newark, NJ) per my birth certificate.

  8. Hello Jackie,
    I´ll get back to you in a few days. I am travelling…

    In the meantime could you please give the exact latitude and longitude of yourbirthplace?

    Perhaps someone else might also give it ago to help you on your way.

    🙂 Thomas

  9. Hello again Jackie,

    An approximate birthplace is like an approximate birthtime. Without the one there is no sense in looking for the other! Please provide these details.

    And while you are at it also include how you calculated your animodar.

    • What were the Ascendant and Moon positions you used in your base chart?
    • What was your calculated gestation period, in days?
    • Which conception date did you use, and what was the time of conception that you arrived at?
    • Also did you just look up the syszygy or did you set the chart for it?

    With this information it is possible find out where you went wrong. For the method please review the two following articles here at Altair Astrology:
    1. Getting Started With Rectification: Trutine of Hermes and Animodar
    2. A Question about Animodar: Christopher’s Sample Chart

    I will not rectifiy your chart for you, but I will try to help you on your way…


  10. Just a note of appreciation for the site and blog format….so very interesting to a newcomer like me..I have only been to a few other sites so far. I will have to come back to this site often! Thank you!

  11. Clients asks: Should I accept offer for marketing my product?
    Ruler of Querent is Mercury in Virgo 3rd hse.( retrograde but will go direct in a few days).
    Moon is NEW Moon in 3 degrees of separation. V.O.C !
    Fortuna conjunct Ascendant( naturally). Ruler of 10th/business Jupiter is retrograde and soon moving into Pisces( Ruler). Jupiter also rules 7th.( partnership/opportunity).
    There is a way of seeing this negatively( obvious) . But there is a positive viewpoint:
    Problem of client is lack of visibility( sep. New Moon!) He looks for change in selling strategy( 3rd Merc. goes DIRECT). Jupiter goes to conjunct Uranus( Ruler 9th/branding) . Moon V.O.C can be the ” querent has nothing to worry about” approach??

    What’s your opinion if in a query you have a retro Merc. , a retro significator for quesited, a V.O.C Moon ! YET, there is a possible positive spin on it? In fact , it looks like the querent really needs the partnership/marketing proposal.
    Would appreciate an second opinion….

    • Hello Hernan,
      As I don’t have the chart in all its detail before me, I can only orient myself on the description you provide.
      I would consider the following Significators: L1, Mercury for Client; L7, Jupiter for Partner, and L5 (Client’s baby – product). Check what L5 is doing and consider this in the context of a VOC Moon.
      Both L1 and L7 are retrograde. L1 is also cadent. Is L7 also cadent? Retrogradation and cadency are accidental debilities. So although Mercury has essential dignity by being in domicile that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is being straightforward with his partner and vice versa. Jupiter is not yet in his own domicile so has little if no essential dignity. That he will move into his domicile only means that his situation will change. I wouldn’t consider Uranus to be a Significator for anything, he does not rule any sign, from the traditional point of view, he might however denote a sudden change in the partner’s condition. Uranus is considered malefic. You might want to check what the antisicia are doing before you give your answer.

      • Thanks very much for your comments!!. You are right about the rulerships, of course. 1st for querent( Merc.), 7th for partnership since that what it is in essence.( Jupiter) . I saw the 10th/2nd as trumping the 5th( her “baby”) since the querent is primarily concerned with the financial and business angle of the proposition( marketing partnership).
        The thing here is that all concerned rulers ,neither the Gemini/1st house ruler Mercury nor the Moon( Cancer/2nd house ruler), nor the natural rulers of income/money Venus and Jupiter share any aspect. Same with 5th house ruler Venus. 😦 Antiscia etc. are inconclusive as well.
        Played by “the book” ,one is led to counsel against the planned action.
        What, however, is truly on the querent’s mind?
        1-The partnership is supposed to increase sales= Mercury, which have been sluggish ( retrograde)
        The proposal comes a few days before Merc. goes direct.
        2-The business has been ‘contracting’ ( retro Jupiter , who will very soon enter a ” better ” place ( Pisces). Business and partnership/ opportunity share the same ruler( Jupiter)
        3- The New Moon( Moon rules 2nd/income) is increasing in light.
        Can that mean that income will improve?
        Add to that the only relevant Mutual Reception in the chart ( Mercury in the Triplicity of the Moon and Moon in Virgo.
        Normally, I prefer to view every manifestation in a chart in light of the underlying concern of the querent. I am therefore tempted to view the retros and lack of aspects as a correct description of the present situation and see the impending above mentioned changes happening to all the significators ( including the 5th house ruler Venus) as a predictive statement. If the querent follows the proposal to expand( Jupiter) and to make more sales( Mercury), the increasing New Moon shows the way to more income!
        So, there we are , at least!! two ways to see the whole thing.
        Would be nice if everything was always clear cut:)
        With the deadline looming , I have decided to advise a YES.
        ( In spite of the regrettable and very annoying fact that in my first message I had overlooked that the Moon is actually not V.O.C but makes as his last aspect an opposition to Uranus retro!
        Problem here is that in my practice I have noticed that the Moon’s last aspect as a ” decider’ has been surprisingly often incorrect as a harbinger of a NO. Therefore I used the 8th ruler ( 2nd from 7th) Saturn ( exalted in Libra) AND the 11th( 2nd of 10th) and 6th ( 2nd of 5th) ruler Mars!!!! conjunct Spica in Libra as tie-breaker.
        And now I hope that I am right. Lastly, the data. Sep.8./2010/Manila Philippines. 23.23 local time.
        And I really do appreciate the input. It is so nice when one can exchange viewpoints.

      • Hello Hernan,
        A most interesting chart! I think one can say that for the querant’s partner change is at hand. That both planets are Rx brings a certain flavour to the chart. It makes me wonder if both parties are not telling each other the whole story. I am curious how the situation looks in three months time. Kepp us posted. Thank you too. 🙂

  12. Hi ! Interesting indeed. I acquainted the querent with the implications of the chart and told them that my interpretation was possibly a bit unorthodox. Since I was privy to the financial scope of the deal, however, I felt that the downside was limited and that it would be worth trying it anyway. Will keep you posted once the chart clearly manifests one way or another. Till then, all the best, and if I run across something intriguing in my practice, I”ll share it , if you don’t mind.

  13. hello thomas, i wanted to ask you about this day – 23.september.1990… can you say something about a person who was born in this day and how is this day…

    • Hello Sabz,
      Thank you for your request. I am sorry, but I do not do online natal readings. A truly good natal reading is both extensive and time consuming. I encourage readers to learn the basics for themselves. If you should however have a very specific question about astrological technique I would be happy to deal with it here at Altair Astrology. If you should decide to consult a traditional astrologer you will also need to have not only details about the birthdate but also birthplace and if possible an exact birthtime.
      best regards,

  14. Hello,

    I’d like to use your picture of letter nun in a wikipedia article. Do you allow me to make use of it ?



    • Hello Alexander,

      Certainly. Sorry I couldn’t answer sooner. I was away for a week.
      Could you please send me the link to the wikipedia article once you are finished with it?

      best regards,

  15. I love the picture that is associated with the article Mercury and the Horoscope of the World and am trying to understand the meaning behind the different symbols. What is the words that are written? IN S O LE? What are their purpose?

  16. Hello I use Stellarium to see the actual placement of the sun/moon/other planets in my chart at time of birth.. The degrees go over 30 degrees for some constellations(because if you look in the sky the degrees of each constellation are not exactly 30 degrees). How can I calculate the ascendent this way(if I do not have a tropical/sidereal or vedic method)… I use what I see in the stars.. only. And I find this way best because I have an uncanny ability to look/observe/hear someone and know there moon/sun sign… i still rely on sidereal for the ascendant/rising sign though. I believe astrology need to be determined. That is why I have found stellarium to work best and now when I get my predictions about knowing someone’s moon/sun sign when I observe them and I look it up on stellarium the actual place of the moon/sun at the time of there birth, it makes my source more reliable because it coincides with what I have predicted/observed(by just looking at someone or seeing them, talking/hearing them and seeing there personality). anyways I’m at Leo sun Pisces moon cap Rising… And I’ve always wanted to draw more different charts bc I’m bored with mine(even though its correct).. That is why I am also interested in doing a conception chart based on the real degrees of each constellation(some under and some over 30 degrees). I feel very confused on how to do this using stellarium and actual constellation degrees.
    Can you do a chart for me? I would love to see my date of conception based on real degrees (not tropical/vedic/sidereal).
    How do you do this using tritune of hermes(I tried and I cannot do this). I am not the best at math. I am new to astrology (studying on my own for a few years).
    Thank you!

    • Dear Kelly
      Any astrology program can calculate the ascendant and the MC for a particular place of birth. That should not be a problem. Since you are visualizing the planetary positions all you need are the declinations of the planets. It is simpler if you use a tropical chart.

      For using the trutine of hermes please refer to my article https://altairastrology.wordpress.com/2009/04/25/getting-started-with-rectification-trutine-of-hermes-and-animodar/ or any other offered on the internet.

      Sorry, I do not do charts or readings. The purpose of Altair astrology is strictly informative and intended to deepen understanding. One of the real motivations for learning astrology is to do one’s own chart or associated charts. Not being able to do the math is a real handicap. You will then have to rely on software.

      Good luck!

  17. Greetings! I was searching through the web to find anything related to North node in the fixed star altair, mine is in close conjunction, I was wondering if there is any special meaning, your website appeared during my searchings, as the name caught me, I thought: well probably there is no better place to ask about this aspect. Could you give me some light on this please? Thank you

    • Dear Marco
      Sorry for the delay, but unfortunately my time is limited.

      Are you familiar with Vivian Robson’s book on The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology? You might want to start there. Robson doesn’t mention the nodes. But you can of course substitute for Jupiter and Venus (Lilly says for example that the North Node has the nature of Jupiter and Venus). If you take this in consideration along with the quality of the node itself and other factors which you haven’t mentioned (house, any antiscia falling on this point as well? etc.) you’ll be on your way. Please understand that I don’t give interpretations – particularly without seeing the whole chart and that unfortunately is under the circumstances not possible. Good luck in your further studies!

      • Thank you for you answer and insights. I found that you replied it quite fast actually, mind me, hehehe. I will definitely check Vivian’s Book, im not familiar with it. Well my N.node is in the middle of capricorn with aquarius in the 12th house. There aren’t any particularly strong aspects with it, except for chiron opposition (conjunct s.node),a sextile to the sun, and a long orb (10degrees) conjunction with saturn (so I don’t consider it conjunct). So I will take your answer as positive overlook to the fixed star in the north node, am I right?
        Once again, thank your for your fast reply.

  18. HI , burning question, that Ive hunted high and low in hope of an answer
    Is there a chart, or is it even possible to associate the Triplicity order within the current 10 planet arrangement. Has anyone ever tackled this?
    Thanking you in advance

    • Hello Gavin
      not that I am aware of. You have to remember that in the older astrological tradition one held the image of planetary spheres. The body of the seven traditional planets merely demarcated the sphere and provided a material focus. The outermost sphere was Saturn. You might want to follow the rhythm of the planetary triplicities to see that replacing the seven with ten might be a futile endeavor. I don’t want to discourage you but the traditional cosmological conception was holistic and if you change one feature you may have to change it all.

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