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  1. Doctrine and Dogma
    Holy Scriptures are coherent Self-disclosures of the Truth; concurrently revealing Traditional Doctrines which provide essential means for the assimilation of Truth through realization. Being purely intellectual and as such spiritual and subtle in nature these do not originate and also cannot be fully assimilated at the level of rationality. However, when asserted authoritatively at the exoteric level, the reveled doctrines descend to take the form of dogmas. Theology then comes into operation and aspires at the systematic rational explanations of the Doctrine and become dogma.
    At the level of Dogma assimilation of Truth is possible only through obedience and adherence to the imperatives of the dogma. It is at this level of dogma that ‘Eman” in the exoteric sense plays its role.
    These theological explanations and rational dialectics of the dogma, not being symbolic but also not diabolic and only systematic, are discontinuous although not defective. To those in whose hearts is the blindness and are unable to see the higher reflected in the lower or the subtle in the gross, may find these theological expositions contradictory which then can be termed as dogmatism pure and simple.
    To present a purely intellectual/spiritual and metaphysical Doctrines at the exoteric level, without diluting or belittling the truth which can lead every live heart to salvation, is only possible with the help of analogies and metaphors which aspire to muster the entire faculties of mind, body and the soul of man as such.
    The inconsistency, observed at this level of dogma, is the price extorted by the rational mind for presenting the intellectual/spiritual and metaphysical Doctrines at a lower level. This is neither inappropriate nor a degradation of the Doctrine but a Mercy of the Lord through which unqualified are absorbed in the process of salvation.
    Punctuated with these structured voids inherent in the very nature of exoteric approach, a great majority take this to be the occasion of deployment of pious imagination to bridge the two ends. This is necessary not only to maintain an apparent continuity but to keep the faith intact and inclined towards devotion and submission stipulated by the dogma. The gaps so stitched, with psychic and sentimental/moral fabric with help of analogies and metaphors created by the pious imagination, are difficult to remain unnoticed particularly from those who have a wider intellectual horizon and are inclined by their presentiment towards the domain of the higher. These openings, for a qualified few, can become windows and doorways for the vision of the higher enabling them to situate not only the context for the existence of these openings but to initially allow them the blurred vision not very distinct and as yet not fully comprehensible but strongly suggestive of the existence of a higher.
    Level of the Reality. If these few qualified receive Initiation, along with the help of ‘adjuvant’ or exterior supports (as needed, and especially in the initial stages) to proceedfrom potentiality to virtuality to actuality through interior work, then they can be classified as ‘those who are of sound instruction’ and they can say in the earnest, “We believe therein; the whole is from our Lord; but only men of understanding really heeds.”
    The collectivity, to begin with, is not capable of one-pointed attention or of getting rid of the interference of the sentiments, which represents the lowest level of existence of being, in all thing that they think or do. Like rain (Prophetic Revelations) descending from heaven above is retained as snow on the summit of the mountain (Spiritual Presence of the Prophet: the Qur’an) with the sole intention to become the source of perennial rivers (religion) which would in turn surge and meander towards the dead earth to enliven desolated lands to:
    Firstly, to brings forth from the dead earth grain so that they eat thereof; the staple food grows for all who are thirsty and hungry.
    Secondly, with good intentions many orchids and gardens of the date palm and grapes would also grow with the irrigation of these rivers. The rivers and runoff owing to their strong current and forceful flooding scour the earth and thus absorbs the locally available elements of the earth; the water in its nature reaming as pure and as colorless as it was when it first descended from the heavens gets the colour and taste of the local soil; this is the exoteric or most outward aspect of the religion which the ordinary eyes can see and know or taste.
    Thirdly and (lastly), the water which gets absorbed and recharge the aquifers in the depth of the earth are endure and remain unspoiled and perennially awaits wells to be dug or may rarely surge through the artesian springs (Sufis and Dervish), always to felicitate the qualified and quench the thirst of the pure of the heart like springs of water gushed forth from the earth for the twelve tribes of the Hebrew through the staff of Moses.
    ‘Allah alternates the night and the day indeed in that is a lesson for those who have vision

  2. One could, in reference to the post on Venus and Mars, view prophecy and religion as being ‘venusian’ and ‘martian’ respectively. Prophecy as revelation can be seen as the cosmic entering into the world of matter. Religion as dogma is the opposite. It can be seen as ‘material’ understanding pushing into the cosmic sphere. It is therefore not surprising that dogma quite often takes on a militant form.

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