Ye Answere to Questionne 1

Answers a) , b) and e) are clearly fantasy, “wreaktification” as Sir Arthyr calls it. Answer d) comes closer to reality. Anyone who has ever rectified a natal chart will find that there are all sorts of calculations; Trutine of Hermes, Animodar of Ptolomey, primary directions, secondary directions, etc. To begin with one doesn’t want to miss anything! For example I know the exact time of birth for my children. If I calculate the Trutine of Hermes, it works for all of their charts, but it doesn’t seem to work for every chart. The moral of the story is start with an exact birth time to begin with! 😉 This leads to c) – at one point the astrologer gets tired of all those calculations – soon afterward the chart is corrected to his or her satisfaction! So answers c) and d) come the closest to explaining how rectification is practised.

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