A Prolog for the Barker, l.m.

I don’t want to give the impression that planetary positions in the lunar mansion as Simak are necessarily prominent in charts that deal with revolution. Revolution is only one possibility for how ideals find their expression in the sub-lunar realm. So that means that any major cultural upheaval whether peaceful or militant may find signification there, but it is too early to say whether this is exclusive, after all there are still 27 mansions to explore!

Now unlike the signs of a zodiac, the mansions have no subdivision into elements (fire, air, water, earth) and qualities (mutable, cardinal, fixed). There is another principle of order. Instead of 3 x 4 we have 4 x 7. The first seven mansions show the movement of the Divine Essence to the Divine Throne. The next seven mansions express the supra-solar spheres, from the Divine Footstool to the Sphere of the Sun. The next sequence encompasses the inner planets and the Spheres of the Elements with the last seven mansions reflecting the Spheres of created Being; Minerals, Plants, Animals, Angels, Jinn, Humanity and lastly the Degrees of Existence. Unlike the zodiac signs – where planets in succeeding signs do not form aspects – succession is important to understanding the mansions. This means that in order to understand one mansion better it is a good idea to also look which mansions are on other side of it and also the one directly across from it. For example the Sphere of the Throne has the element Earth as its counterpoint.

Al Simak should therefore be compared to the mansion across from it, al Batn al Hut, the mansion before it, al Awwa, and the mansion following it, al Ghafir. This also means that once one has a reference point of understanding one can expand into one of the next mansions –which we will do when we look at the mansion al Awwa.

Here in table form:


As it is important to understand the mansions as articulations of the Divine Breath we need to look at the sounds first and that means at the basic level of how they are physically produced – remember Man is an image of God.

The sounds “L”, “N”, and “R” are pronounced with the tip of the tongue against the ridge of the gums. With “N” the airflow is stopped suddenly. With “R” it is a trilled or rolled like the “R” in the Italian word terra. With “L” and “W” it narrows but never really is brought to an abrupt stop. “W” is spoken through an open mouth with slightly rounded lips. Then again “N”, “R” and “W” share air flowing over the tongue instead of around the sides as is the case with “L”.

Our starting point for the lunar mansion al Awwa, the Barker will be the following: the sound “L”, the Sphere of Mars as counterpoint to the Realm of Humanity, the Arabic letter lam and the Prophet Aaron.


2 thoughts on “A Prolog for the Barker, l.m.

  1. hello Sir ,
    Happy to read this article . I am very interested on Ibn Arabi’s mystical astrology . Is there any text to learn Ibn Arabi’s astrology . I am eagerly searching for this .

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