Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: Ye Fifthe Unfoldeing

Explain what tropic means:

a. It is a turning point.

b. It is an acronym: Transiting Retrograde Of Progressive International Conjunctions. TROPIC astrologers are known for bringing their readings to a point. A uniquely conjunctive style.  Here is an example:

c. It is the latest in waterproof surf-phones.

d. It is a special tool used by the astrologer to pick auspicious days. It was invented by the 16th century astrologer Benjamin A. S. Tro. And today is known as the Tro-pic.

e. You really don’t want to know…

Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: Ye Fourthe Unfoldeing

A perigee is …

a. …the astrologer’s apology when s/he gets it wrong. The standard form is: “My perigees, I got close but…”

b. … the fourth movement in a lunar symphony.

c. … finely sliced lunar crescent with truffle on a bed of Moonay sauce.

d. … when a celestial body tries to cuddle up. It’s the closest it possibly can come.

e. …the astrologer’s credentials, something like a pedigree.

Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: ye thirde Unfoldeing

Progression. What is that?

a. A positive way to deal with hostility.

b. A discrete but useful item of apparel for the perfect delineation. Much more comfortable than a corset.

c. To take a step at a time which astrologically is degree by degree.

d. What any node would do if it could. But somehow their anatomy won’t allow it.

e. The sound an equinox makes while trying to balance on a ram’s horn or on the pivotal axis of  a scale.

Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: Ye Seconde Unfoldeing

Delineation. What is that?

a. Archaic term for one of many methods for removing wrinkles. Moderns use the word ‘anti-aging’.

b. A line by line printout in the ICU-UCME-ASTRO format. Looks like gibberisch unless fed to a special reader – of which there are only two: one is sealed in a hidden chamber below the pyramid of Gizeh and the other was last seen in a bottle floating on the Atlantic.

c. Deli ‘n Eat ion. Recently discovered sub-platonic particle released when planets are in station. Thought to have an influence on the macrocosmic and microcosmic girdle.

d. Step-by-step interpretation of an astrological chart.

Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: Ye First Unfoldeing

At the end if each year Altair Astrology offers ye Quizze.

What is a pictun?

a. A pictun is a 12 degree aspect. It was extensively used by the wee people, otherwise known as picts and is therefore named after them.

b. A pictun is one cycle in a Central American calender. It takes 2,880,000 days to complete. The approach of day 1,728,000 is causing a lot of fuss.

c. A pictun is a leafy indoor plant which keeps antiscia from becoming too rambunctious. Experts are still unsure what the mechanism is. Recent studies say that the aromatic oils exuded by the flowers effect the post radial receptors of antiscia.

d. Pictun, more correctly piction, is the visual counterpart of good diction.

e. None of the above. Pictun is a very rare dried fish made while the Moon is in Pisces. It is the secret ingredient in a well known dish served exclusively to the astrological elite at the H************* Restaurant in Y****, France.