Ye Newe Yeares Quizze – 2008: Questionne 1

Dear Reader,
Now that the new year has been inaugurated I present Ye Newe Yeares Quizze.
Which of the following multiple choice questions might be correct? Any, all or a combination thereof are possible!


a. A method of moving all the blemishes of a chart into the 12th house and then painting them over with opaque white.

b. The astrological equivalent of the catwalk, where neophyte astrologers present their charts to the public. If they find an audience this may last for days.

c. The time honoured practice of correcting a natal chart to the astrologer’s satisfaction.

d. Time consuming search for the true time of birth, calling for innumerable charts and calculations.

e. A method for recycling used progressions, profections and firdaria. They are reduced to primary ascensions.

10 thoughts on “Ye Newe Yeares Quizze – 2008: Questionne 1

  1. Hi,
    Lessee, hmmmmm. A wrecktification is something the Egyptians did with the horoscopes of the deceased Pharaohs.

    The new horoscope would omit Mars ( A real good idea BTW for some of us) and then wrap the ol’ boy in his eternal tunic and send him on his way (well, after a great deal of hoopla).

    The Greeks finally figured out that this wasn’t at all good sport as the Spartans really became ticked when this was later introduced to them.

    Well, to make a long story even boring, The Greeks invented the most convoluted delineation based upon the Trutine of Hermes, a system that leads into considerable complexities.

    None of these considerations are understandable nor do they bear close scrutiny. So, as such, the idea popped into Greek heads that if one day equaled a year, then astrologers should be able to take a generalized natal chart and back engineer events associated with houses and the Lords of such situations.

    As such, the Greeks decided to keep the Martian influence, as many people during the Hellenistic period really enjoyed the fruits that Mars brought to the general populace, and continue with events back engineered into a birth chart that decidedly indicated major events during a lifetime.

    Sir Arthyr the pragmatist

  2. Wreaktification can indeed wreak havoc with a chart, particularly when a few pieces are left over once everything is put back together again! If that happens a dose of primary directions is the remedy…

  3. Dear Thomas

    I choose BOTH C. and D. Because:

    d. The time consuming search for the true time of birth, calling for innumerable charts and calculations

    in practice invariable gives a result of:

    c. Correcting a natal chart to the astrologer’s satisfaction.


    PS What is the prize?

  4. Yes!

    The prize? An exclusive preview to Dame Detrimentia’s next case, where one of the dangers of rectification is brought before the public eye! 🙂


  5. Dear Thomas

    The mind boggles at the havoc wreaked by Dame Detrimentia ‘wrecktifying’ a chart!

    I shall put on my flak jacket in preparation for the redoubtable Dame’s next case. 🙂


  6. Yes, I already know.

    When one has had a bad Nodes job, much time will pass before one can have a rectification surgery. In the mean time, the poor, afflicted patient has to live with fallen Nodes, trying to eclipse it by going on the bending, hiding from all those attendants beholding the undignified malefic in face.

    Dame Detrimentia will surely recommend having both the Nodes job and the rectification surgery in conjunction, to that gullible teenager, the same way she recommended her to lose weight and “get angular” in order to become exalted.
    I can’t make heads or tails of this: how women are prepared to afflict themselves in order to rectify their aspects.

    just Sticking my Nodes,
    Conti Parans

  7. My dear Countess Parantonella

    I see from your assumption of my diagnosis that you suffer from delusions of adequacy. You have my sympathy and I hope that your recovery will be swift.

    Contrary to your assertion, I have never recommended a total Nodectomy whilst simultaneously performing a Rectification, but I must confess to a strong desire to perform a Solar Revolution whilst Relocating. I use Astro*Carto*Graphy maps for relocation purposes, which do I believe make great use of Parantonella.

    Where would you like me to relocate you to dear Countess?

    Yours once again in oblique condescension,

    Detrimentia (Dame; Counsellor Egregious)

  8. Oh, I see ! 🙂

    So your next top secret Sci-Fi report is to be titled “Al[Alexander Clifford] Simak and the Solar revolution”, that a “persona non grata” such as myself will not be allowed to have access to, right?

    Well here are some facts for your information, my dear Lady:
    According to my own private psychic I have the nasal chart of a highly siginified persona. As I was born on the New Moon dated 22-August-1960 in Newark, NJ, I have both Sun and Moon rising at CorLeone (Sicily), Venus exactly at the North Node and Mizary (Virgin Islands) in my 2nd, Jupiter in its own home on the Sag at Lesath in the 5th, Saturn in Capri in the 5th, Mercury rising on Rash Elapsed Australians, Mc at Hamal and Schedar (wherever these islands are).

    Is this dignified enough for you or what (and please don’t mention that Dragon’s tail that just smashed my lights) ?

    Substantially yours,

  9. PS. If you really wish to relocate, my dear Counsellor Egregious, you are always invited to stay at anyone of my private 12 houses, on any of the above mentioned islands, worldwide. Trust me, you will be treated with the utmost essential dignity allowed to peregrines in Leo’s domicile.

    your Cord-Dial admirer,

  10. Dear Signor Soprano

    I would have thought that my erstwhile eponymous egregious input made it all too apparent that I am in no way responsible for any content of an erudite nature to Altair, encrypted or otherwise. But I can perfectly see why a ‘persona non grata’ such as yourself would be denied access to such exalted intellectual content.

    My poor dear Tony! To have the New Moon on Regulus in your nasal chart, even beheld as it is by a Fortune, is enough to cast you into a gaseous nebula; but to also have your Meridian Coeli forced to leapfrog that nasty ram’s horn Hamal! I can totally see why you are called Tony Soprano and not Tony Basso. 😦

    However, I graciously deign to visit one of your relocated mundane houses, (preferably one of Regiomontanus’ in a temperate zone), and I take it as a matter of course that I be treated with dignity! You are obviously not aware that I was born at the last the Apocatastasis and as a consequence have all my natal planets in Domicile and therefore cannot be peregrine anywhere.

    Although now that you mention it, Thomas has suggested that owing to gross inflation my secondary progressions must now all be appearing in their exaltations. I wonder what he can mean?

    Exaltedly yours,
    Dame Detrimentia (Counsellor Egregious)

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