As-Simak and yet another Revolution

In my last article I wrote about the French revolution and its connection with the lunar mansion of As-Simak. I would like once more like to draw your attention to another revolution where this mansion is prominent. This is the Chinese revolution.

If you recall I described, “…Nun and the lunar mansion As-Simak an expression of how ideals come to realisation.” If you focus your attention on the sound “n”– you can do so by pronouncing it – you will notice that the tongue touches and then draws away from behind the upper teeth. The sound is like tapping on a counter or when applied to mental processes, like a tapping or pecking at different thoughts.

Now As-Simak is entirely in the sign of Virgo (17*54 – 29*59), where Mercury has both its domicile and exaltation. Mercury is very strong here. Most revolutionary leaders, at least since the French Revolution, can be characterised as intellectuals, critical and with the ability to clearly vocalise, who have tapped on very high ideals. But intellectual “tapping” tends to be schematic when not tempered with wisdom and compassion (for though seldom we shouldn’t discount such “revolutions”). But if Mercury takes on a militant Mars or a plotting Saturn character it tends to be more comfortable in expressing itself either in slogans or cold formalism. In a sense the Red Book, in the context of the Chinese Revolution, can be considered a symbol of Mercury coloured by Mars – the Cultural Revolution with its extreme militancy is a case in point.

If you look at the founding chart for the Chinese Communist Party, Saturn is at 18* Virgo. It has just moved into As-Simak, and if you take the noon chart as being representative, it has moved into the 12th house. In the noon chart Mars is in Fall in Cancer on the MC and combust a peregrine Sun. Saturn receives Jupiter into his Detriment and Venus into her Fall, so the benefics are not welcome to this Saturn. Saturn is received by Mercury in its Fall at 19 Cancer. This is precisely the degree of the 2oo7 annual eclipse. It is also the degree that is picked up again by Mars in the 2008 and Saturn in the 2009 eclipse. In 2009 this particularly significant testimony of an eclipse on the Saturn return is compounded even further by the eclipse path being exclusively over the People’s Republic of China! I think we can expect turmoil within the Chinese Communist Party and by extension, turmoil in the politics of the country.

My main intention is not so much as give a prognosis for Chinese politics, etc. but more to point towards an understanding of this particular lunar mansion. The next few years will show how close this might be. It might be important to look at other major revolutions, the Russian for example. What might also be of interest is that As-Simak is just before 0 Libra. You can see it as an upset of the scales. What happens after most upheavals of a political nature is that it takes time for the scales to come into balance again. I shouldn’t be forgotten that the scales are always in movement, they are cardinal not fixed!

Now there are a few charts you might want to look at. I will pull out only the essential positions for each of the immediately relevant charts, but there is much more!

Solar eclipse 1921 (April 8, 1921, 9:04 am, Peking) Asc. 28 Virgo 56, Saturn 19 Virgo 26. antiscia Sun/Moon 12 Virgo

foundation of Chinese Communist Party (July 1, 1921, 12:00 Shanghai) Jupiter 13 Virgo 15, Saturn 19 Virgo 22

Grand Conjunction 1921 (Sept 10, 1921, 11:16 am, Peking) Sun at 16 Virgo 52, Jupiter/Saturn 26 Virgo 35 (in tenth house), Mercury 1 Libra 41(11th)

Foundation of People’s Republic of China (Sept. 21, 1949, 12:00, Peking)*
Sun 27 Virgo 50

Proclamation of People’s Republic of China (Sept. 21, 1949, 3:15 pm, Peking )*
Saturn (Lord 1) 13 Virgo 08, square Jupiter/Saturn of Grand Conjunction 1901, 13 Capricorn 58
Mars (Lord 10) 14 Leo 53 square Jupiter/Saturn of Grand Conjunction 1949, 13 Taurus 43,
antiscion of GC conjunct Mars

Saturn was at 13 Taurus 59 when the last Emperor of China abdicated in Feb. 12, 1912

Solar eclipse 2007 Sun/Moon 18 Virgo 24
Solar eclipse 2008 Mars 18 Virgo 41
Solar eclipse 2009 Saturn 18 Virgo 21

* Data from Campion’s “Book of World Horoscopes”

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