Ye Tenthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

On ye tenthe daye of Christmas,

What is a promittor?

  1. An astrologer who supports the school of Mittore, the well known Renaissance astrologer. Pro-Mittore. Their most staunch supporters are the Pro-Morin.
  2. A sensitive point in a chart, that bears promise. This is important in primary directions.
  3. Not what, who. He is one of the twelve minor gods that attend Ceres. He is the distributor of Ceres’ fruits.
  4. A Promittor is a town in the Departement of Promittois, the region where the world famous apple-brandy, Calvados, is produced.

6 thoughts on “Ye Tenthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

  1. My dear Thomas,

    No.2 is correct “A sensitive point in a chart, that bears promise. This is important in primary directions”.

    Sepharial was a student of mine before he lost his way and went into the travel business. For further information on broken promises and sensitive points kindly look at ‘Ptolemy’s Polar Safari’ in the Special Guest section:

    Detrimentedly yours,
    DD (C.E.)

  2. Dear Thomas

    Surely the staunchest supporters of Mit Or (Mittoricus Promiscuous) were the Pro-Meridians and not the Pro-Morins?

    Mit Or taught that it was money that made the world go round, not love, which only kept it populated. Morin refused to accept this despite his knowledge both of metallurgy and l’amour, convinced as he was that the Earth was stationary.

    CarO 😉

  3. Well, this is not an easy question.

    The promittor – we say promissore- it the point who promits and this is the only sure thing.

    But when I try to understand if the promittor is fixed and the significator moves or the opposite here my mind falters. Every author has a different opinion, I would be not surprised if soon I will find someone telling me both move or both are fixed. Astrology sometimes is very confusing…


  4. Hello Caroline,

    I think that the Pro Meds were carefully neutral, the Pro Mits being the best of friends. But I will have to ask Dr. Nostuabuk for some direction in this matter as it is one of his primary areas of interest (one of many primaries LOL).


  5. Hello Margherita!

    Primary directions with its promittors and significators can be most confusing. Ive tried to clear things up so you might want to look here.

    Promittor and Promitor are also two very different things. It turns out that one is indeed a minor god, and so you have to be very careful which you apply to as the one delivers astrological events and the other your bread.


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