Ye Eleventhe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

On ye eleventhe Daye of Christmas:

What is profection?

  1. In a decumbiture chart this shows that the crisis is over. When the Moon approaches the debilitated Significator of the patient it is ‘infection’ when it separates this is ‘profection’.
  2. This is a special confection that was made in Vienna for the Imperial Astrologer. It was presented to him yearly on the 4th of January. It is called ‘pro’ rather than ‘con’ because firstly it was non-fattening and secondly it showed the good will of the emperor. Since the decline of the empire the recipe has been lost.
  3. A method of symbolically progressing a chart. This can be by year, month or day.
  4. You mean, ‘protection’ this is when a Significator is guarded by a benefic. This is the opposite of besiegement.

8 thoughts on “Ye Eleventhe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

  1. Dear Thomas,

    I think Number 4 ‘protection’ is half-correct in that a planet is protected by its own evil malefic domicile Lord against that same malefic domicile Lord: but only at a financial price!

    Extortion in the way of illegal ‘profection rackets’ was forced upon American planets during the Prohibition era (1920 – 1933). Any planet who did not pay ‘profection money’ to the Mafioso Domicile Godfathers would be prohibited from escape by the Sicilian mob’s two thugs Scarglyph-Marte and Saturno-Capone.

    There are dreadful tales of planets held in distortion, cancellation, loss, and even deprivation of light if they didn’t pay up!

    The only way to escape the ‘pit’ of profection was through the Mafioso’s own friends. Recovery could take place either through their ‘generosity’, or if they sold the pitted degree that the planet was tenanting on as ‘sub prime’. Ibn Ezra was the major instigator of this tax loophole and there are many tales of how one of the mobsters’ friends would bail the afflicted planet out of their debilitated state and ‘comfort’ it.

    I think Mel Gibson played Ibn Ezra in the movie didn’t he? Or am I thinking of Al Stallone? . . . .


  2. Dear Thomas,
    Profection?? It`s an erratum, isnt` it?
    Maybe you`ve intended to talk about profession.
    In this case one must admit that the astrological profession is absolutely undervalued.

    Profection – what a funny word, ha,ha!
    “Profection” was not found in Cambridge Advanced Learner`s Dictionary.
    Thomas, Thomas, I was convinced that you are advanced learner but now ……….

    Wish you kind profections for 2009,

  3. Hi Thomas,

    Profection simply means “going forward” ,”advance” or “Progression”.

    Profection is the process of brainwashing (also known as thought reform or re-education) that an outdated astrologer of the old-school has to go through in order to aquire the new, up-to-date, state-of-the-art skills and technologies mastered by Ultra-Modern Astrologers.

    Daria, the first astrologer known to have become Profected, is founder of the movement for Solar Revolution, whose declared objective was “to FreeDaria from cables and prejudice of the past”.

    An astrologer holding a “Profection” Diploma proves that he/she is now proficient in his/her perfected and Protected Progressed Profession.

    Naggie Pestnuisance, Phd.
    (Profection, head of department)

  4. Dear Caroline,
    Yes that is part of the story of profections. Profection rackets were the thing when the al’s had influence. Al Golare was the worst. He was especially cruel because wif hif lithp people couldn’t help but laugh when he told them: “Pway for profection or I’ll mwake minthmeat of ya.” But last I heard he was in the Azimene Prison for eclipse evasion. But thank you for reminding us of this.


  5. Hello TrojAn! 🙂

    The quizze questionne is correct.

    But as I am not a quizze questionne, you are absolutely correct, profection would then be a typo for ‘perfection’. 🙂

    and may the new year be profect for you in every way!

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