Dr. Nostuabuk: A Tea Party

At least once a month Dame Detrimentia, Jean-Baptiste, and I have tea together. Here an excerpt of a more recent conversation.

J.B.: “Mon Dieu, you wouldn’t believe what is happening. I predicted that I was destined for greatness. But this? In those renegade colonies of yours, beg your pardon Madame, where the people are practically sauvage, there is a surge of interest in my Astrologia Gallica! What has become of the world? Helas. In my belovéd France there should be monuments to me in every city – they have had enough time – or at least a Place de Morin

Dame D: “Calm down, dear Jébée, you know how excitable you get, and at your age too. You haven’t been looking at your revolutions lately!”

J.B.: ” But, ma chéri, I told you that this adding machine, this, this vicious ordinateur, that Hieronymous gave me, makes me furious and your charms constantly distract me from calculating another set of Rudolphine Tables. What about my revolution?”

Dame D: “Jébée, if you would listen, you could have hired my Boffin ages ago. He is quite capable.”

J.B: “Paah, Boffins. You have Jean Baptiste Morin de Villefranche before you, royal mathematicien! Every time your Boffin looks at me, he has that smile, he is laughing at me because my ordinateur went retrograde.”

Dame D: “Now, Jébée, don’t be so sensitive. He isn’t laughing at you, he is smiling at the memory of all those programmes running in reverse. You must admit, it was quite funny.”

J.B.: “Ma chéri, you have convinced me. I will hire him. But tell me now, what have you discovered?”

Dame D: “Quite simply, Jupiter is conjunct your radical MC. And as he is Lord of your 9th house of foreign countries, what else would you expect?”

J.B.: “Ah, you are too good to me, ma chéri. Now if you recall my revolution of 1629 the MC was also in conjunction to the cluster of planets in my…”

4 thoughts on “Dr. Nostuabuk: A Tea Party

  1. Good Morning Thomas, Dr Nostuabuk, Dame D and Jébée,

    Which chart are we using here Thomas?

    The one I have on file has a UT time of 08.33am , 23rd February 1583 which is the chart given by Lescaut giving an MC of 14* 17’ Capricorn. But I notice that Anthony Louis uses a time of 8.43.33am local time which throws up an MC of 13* 17’ Capricorn. Which chart do you use please?

    Either way it would appear that Dame D is correct in that SR Jupiter at 14* 24 Capricorn is conjunct the natal MC. Also too I note, is the hylegical point Fortuna at 15* 24’ Capricorn so no wonder everyone is making a fuss of, Jébée righ now! His books are currently selling like hot cakes and he even has his own mailing list! I wonder what he would have made of it all! 🙂


  2. Hello Caroline!

    We’ll have to ask Dame Detrimentia won’t we? Hieronymous mumbled something about a waste of good Assam tea or something like that but wouldn’t go into any detail. Apparently Jean-Baptiste spends a good part of their tea-parties reminiscing! Hieronymous also mumbled something about if he has to hear another tale about the 1629 solar return he is going to book a ticket for the next Grand Conjunction and send J.B. there early, all expenses paid…

    The chart that I have has 13 Capricorn 17 on the MC.

    What Jean-Baptiste thinks? Well you read what he thinks… 😉


  3. PS All this attention just might inspire Jean Baptiste to write a complete volume for the solar revolutions of his chart for the last 300 years!!

  4. >All this attention just might inspire Jean Baptiste to write a >complete volume for the solar revolutions of his chart for the >last 300 years!!

    Well my dear Thomas it would make a change from his regaling of his 1629 revolution over 300 times!

    One would think he was the only man on earth to have his solar return MC conjunct his radical Lord 10 Saturn simultaneous to his solar return Ascendant conjunct his radical Lord 1 Mars. All it brought was a job teaching I believe. Maths or such like. I can’t think why he should go on about it so!

    More tea Thomas? Milk in first or last?

    With kind condescension,
    Dame Detrimentia (C.E.)

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