Gustave Adolph of Sweden and Albrecht Wallenstein

King Gustave Adolph of Sweden and Albrecht Wallenstein were two of the greatest generals of their generation. They were also opponents in the 30 years war. Perhaps it is not insignificant that two of the greatest astrologers of that time examined their charts and also left documentation. Important if you want to understand the astrology of the time and the role it still played! Jean-Baptiste Morin devoted some attention to Gustave Adolph, notably in his famous judgement of the solar return of 1631 in his Astrologia Gallica (I know of one astrology list that is focussing some attention on Morin’s method and this chart). Johannes Kepler, known today more for his astronomical work, but also a very capable astrologer, devoted some attention to Wallenstein’s chart.

In this article I would like to point your attention to a central aspect configuration in each chart. Each configuration seems to be a focus of major activity. For those who are studying solar returns, it is worth focussing some attention to them.

In Gustave Adolph’s chart we have Mars, in its own domicile Scorpio, at the apex of a t-square with Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn is conjunct Regulus in Leo and is in opposition to Jupiter conjunct the part of Fortune in Aquarius. So we have a pronounced Mars, which would be expected in such a martial king.

Wallenstein on the other hand has a feral Mars (I know, I know that the Moon forms a very wide applying square to Mars so may not be viewed by some as ‘feral’ – maybe I just like the word as it sounds so martial! 🙂 this will be of interest when looking at directions) and one that is in detriment. The aspect configuration that I would like to point out is the opposition of Mercury, in its domicile Virgo, to the Jupiter/Saturn Grand Conjunction in Pisces, where Jupiter is in his own domicile.

You won’t find a simple similar determination in each chart that points to “military genius”. What one can speak of is its nature. In both configurations we have Saturn and Jupiter, either in conjunction or opposition and then a third planet. With Gustave Adolph we have Mars, and so we may speak of valour. With Albrecht Wallenstein we have Mercury, and so we may speak of tactics.

The conjunction of Saturn with Regulus or Cor Leonis, the heart of the Lion is interesting in that Gustave Adolph was called by German Protestants, “Leu aus Mitternacht” (the midnight lion or lion of the north).

Of the two, Gustave Adolph was the more charismatic. Both however can be judged as resolute men of ‘power’.

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