Astrological Analogy: Lost Item (2)


Where is the bottle of stomach bitters?

It is always a great advantage when first looking at a horary chart to see whether there is anything that seems to stand out. In this particular chart we are dealing with moveable property (2nd house). The Part of Fortune is wedged prominently between the cusp of the second house and Jupiter. We can use it as the significator of the sought for object. The second house is what nurtures the body (1st house), it is food and the place where food is prepared, the kitchen. The bitters are somewhere in the kitchen next to or behind a large (Jupiter) object, near bread or some type of staple food containing wheat (Jupiter). My first thought was, “next to the bread-box in the kitchen”. It was there, but there was another object that fitted even better with Jupiter as ruler. The bitters were not only next to the bread box but also behind a tin (Jupiter) used to store pasta. The pasta tin was filled with Spaghetti (wheat/Jupiter). It also had PASTA (in capitals-large letters/Jupiter). In the middle was a picture of a mother serving her children Spaghetti. The picture had a border formed out of a cornucopia (Jupiter) out of which all the ingredients needed for a sauce are made.

I would like to conclude with another aphorism:
“Always consider a horoscope as a whole. Quite often the answer is immediately given by factors that are prominently placed in the chart. If you begin with details you might easily overlook them.”

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