Another Way of Looking at the Lord of the Geniture: Ernest Hemingway again

In my articles on “Looking for the Lord of the Geniture” and on Ernest Hemingway’s Lord of the Geniture I proposed Saturn as Lord. In this article I would like to look at his chart from the Jyotisha perspective. Remember that Jyotisha uses the constellations and not the signs of the zodiac called by the same name. This means that through precession of the equinox the placements, as compared to a tropical horoscope are roughly 23 degrees earlier.

The first thing we want to do is to examine the condition of the ‘personal’ sensitive points of the chart. These are the ascendant, Sun and Moon. Let us begin with the
ascendant. We have a Leo ascendant joined by Mercury and Mars. The first house shows ones entry into the world, ones appearance and the impact of the personality on the
environment. Mercury, lord 2 the natural significator of writing is also lord of the 2nd house, the house of literary gifts. Mercury is joined by impatient Mars, which influences the writing style, making it abrupt and terse. Mercury and Mars are both aspected by Saturn (Mars fairly closely) from one of Mar’s houses, the 4th. So the literary themes, which are basic life themes for the native, will be of conflict and heroism. No steamy romance novels here. The Saturn aspect is rich in complexity. On the one hand Saturn is a friend of Mercury, so he will help with the discipline of getting the daily word quota done. But Saturn is also an enemy of Mars and in Mar’s house. So Saturn and those represented by Saturn will not be perceived as pleasant guests and will probably take on a nagging quality. It should be noted that this doesn’t encourage marital bliss (Hemingway was married four times). The difficulties provided by partnership are reflected in the Navamsa chart which shows among other things the quality of married life. Sun in its own sign in the first aspected by Saturn in its own sign in the seventh. Sun and Saturn are mutual enemies. And the partner will surely perceive the native to be self-centred and egoistic.

What is the condition of the Sun and Moon? Not so good. The Sun lord of the 1st is in the 12th house and unaspected. This shows isolation. The Moon is with Rahu, the north node, in the 5th, also unpleasant. This is only mitigated by an aspect from Venus. The Moon in the 5th encourages imaginative skills and this certainly helps him as an author. But the Moon as lord of the 12th doesn’t necessarily bring a happy and stable emotional life. True there are moments of beauty and inspiration (Venus) but there are also sudden dark and tempestuous moments as well (Rahu).

Now back to our question about the Lord of the Geniture. In the above chart we once again have three main contenders; Mercury, Mars and Saturn. According to the Jyotish method of weighting the strength of a planet (shad balla) Mercury is immensely strong. It is true that Mars and Mercury are strong by their placement in the 1st house. But, and I think this weighs strongly, Saturn, the only other angular planet, is the planet which has
enormous influence on the first house. He actively aspects the first house and its planets but is not aspected in turn. So in the Jyotic chart I would suggest that Saturn is the Lord of the Geniture, just as I suggested he was in the western chart. Of course, as always, I
welcome arguments that might favour the Moon or Mars. 🙂

World Cup: Come and Gone

Now that the 2010 World cup is history we can look at the charts put up at Altair Astrology with hindsight. Let us begin with the horary question from the post: World Cup does Germany have a chance? If you recall the answer was, yes they would have a chance. If we glance at the chart we notice how very exact astrological imagry can be.

Does Germany have a Chance to win the title?

Venus the significator of the German team is 1 degree from the MC. Now the MC in this question represents the highest honour, which in this case is the title. By primary movement Venus has already passed the MC be 1 degree. By secondary movement Venus will reach the MC in one degree. If we look at the situation as an image then we can say that Venus is sitting on the doorstep of the 10th house. They came in third. Although it wasn’t the question, Venus sitting directly on the MC or in the 10th house would have meant that the title could have been theirs.

We asked the role of outer planets in some of the charts. A close conjunction, as in the event chart for the Argentina/Germany game where Uranus prohibited the Moon from conjunction with the significator for Argentina, seems to have been effective. In other charts such as the event chart for the final game, Neptune just before the Ascendant couldn’t override PoF just inside the Ascendant or even conjuncting the PoF (depending on which formula you use). Notice that in this chart the PoF is calculated using the night formula, the fixed formula would give the PoF at 28 Aquarius 12, just before the Asc. In the ongoing discussion on whether to reverse by night, this would seem a win for the “reversal” party. But here a member of the “fixed” party could equally argue that a rising PoF shows the emergant winner of the game.

FIFA World Cup: How does it all End?

With someone winning! 😉
Now that the quarter finalists are decided we can look at the half finals and final game. But first only from the viewpoint of favorite (FAV) and underdog (UDG). Because the games are set so closely to another and always at the same time you will note similarties in the charts. FAV will always have Saturn as Significator and UDG will always have the Sun. In all three charts Saturn has some dignity while the Sun is peregrine. In all three charts Sun and Saturn are in succedant houses. As far as essential and accidental dignity go FAV has the slight edge. What changes is the position of the Moon, the aspects she makes and of course the position of the PoF which is dependant on the Moon. One general rule for such charts is that FAV will always win unless the chart shows testimony in favour of UDG. That means if there is not much happening in the chart then we can assume that FAV will win, by default.

Here is the chart for the half final game on the 6th of July:

Half Final: 6.07.2010 Cape town

The Moon is angular and will eventually form a sextile to the Sun in 5 degrees. Now this is very wide. So this might mean that UDG’s only possibility to win if the game is extended. If it comes to penalty shots then UDG has a chance. There is something that we can explore here and that is playing around with using either a fixed PoF or a reversed PoF. The chart to the right shows PoF reversed for a night chart. A fixed PoF (no reversal for a night chart) would be at 14 Sagittarius and it’s antiscion at 15 Capricorn. The antiscion would then be in opposition to the Sun, which again would be a testimony for UDG. But if FAV gets a goal during regular time then I think the game will go to FAV.

The half final game on the 7th of July has the following chart:

Half Final, 7.07.2010 Durban

In this chart not much is happening. The Moon applies to a trine with Saturn in 6 degrees. So it looks like to the game goes to FAV whichever way you look at it!

Some may jump up and down when they see Regulus on the cusp of the 7th house. I don’t think it is enough.

There is also not much happening along the antiscion front. Nothing unusual. Nothing that strengthens the significator of UDG.

The final game on the 11th of July:

Final, 11.07.2010 Johannesburg

Here more is happening! For one,
the Moon is applying to conjunction with the Sun in 1 degree. That is definitely a testimony for UDG. But there is also strong testimony for FAV, the conjunction of PoF with the Asc. (28 Aquarius for a fixed PoF). So which is stronger?

¡ Viva España !
or Hoog Nederland?
or maybe even,
Hoch Deutschland? 😉

World Cup: Does Germany have a Chance?

After Germany lost to Serbia in the group games I thought I might ask a careful horary. Not the usual, “Will my team win?” Of which there must be many thousands by now, but one in keeping with the German team’s careful, “We’ll see how the next game turns out”. So the horary question was: “Does Germany have a chance to win the World Cup title?” Let us look at the chart:

Does Germany have a Chance to win the title?

As you can see L1, my team, is just about to apply to the MC, the highest honor. So yes there is a chance. The prize, L10, the Sun also is trine the Asc. So that too is supporting testimony although it can be argued that the Sun is already separating (5 minutes) from the trine. So they’ll get their chance, but do we really want to know the title holder in advance? That would spoil all the fun. Remember the question was not whether they would win!

As of yesterday they made into the quarter-final. Shall we look at the event chart of the game against England?

England vs. Germany

England as favorite, is signified by Jupiter, L1. Germany is signified by Mercury L7. So let us look at the condition of each of the planets first. Jupiter has some dignity, he is in his own term. He is also in a succedant house. Because he has some dignity he is likely to score… What about Mercury? Mercury has no dignities but he has accidental dignity by being angular. He is in his own house. He is also applying directly to the Sun; L10, the prize. He also disposits the PoF which is also in the 7th house. You can ignore combustion as the Sun signifies the prize and Mercury is applying directly to it. So it looks like Mercury gets the pot of gold, in the form of a high score. If Jupiter had been peregrine the score would likely have been something like 7 : 0.

And what about the coming game between Argentina and Germany? Can Germany reach the half finals?

Argentina vs. Germany

Let us again look at planetary strength. L1, Jupiter is once again the favorite. This would be Argentina (after all the won all three group games!) Jupiter is in his own terms and as in the England vs. Germany chart in a succedant house. But in this chart there is a difference. Mercury no longer has accidental dignity by being angular, although he now is in his term and face. And like Jupiter he also is in a succedant house (this balances things out a bit is neither has the advantage of accidental dignity or debility through angularity or the opponent being in a falling sign). The PoF has moved to the 10th house but is still disposited by Mercury. The Sun, L10 is still in the 7th house. So these are testimonies for Germany, BUT, the Moon is applying to a conjunction with Jupiter at 2 Aries and that could just make a difference. I am curious about the conjunction to Uranus (applying, 26 minutes) — will it have a disruptive effect? (Outers fans, this is your chance to root for Uranus!).  Will the game once again be decided by penalty shots? As it was the last time around? I think that this too will be a memorable game

When will my Grandchild be Born?

This is a common question. Not as common as, “Does (s)he love me?”
but one that turns up now and then.

The situation. Daughter is in the high phase of pregnancy and can’t wait for the child to be born and be relieved of the increasing discomfort. She thinks the child will come any minute and is beginning to get impatient. So grandmother to be asks:

“When will my grandchild be born? Here is the chart:

When will my grandchild be born?

Mars, Lord 5 signifies the daughter
Jupiter Lord 9 signifies the child
The Moon shows the unfolding of the event

The child, signified by well dignified Jupiter in his own house and sign is well  – there was some worry that the birth might have to be induced. Jupiter is still comfortably placed in his own sign and house but well towards the end. He has a little over six degrees before he leaves Pisces. The six degrees can only be taken symbolically as Jupiter won’t be leaving Pisces for a while yet. The child will be born soon. So symbollically we have one indication, a little over six days we could say. But what of the Moon?

The Moon last formed a trine with the MC and before that to Mars, the daughter. So we have the first contact. And the next aspect? The Moon forms a square to Jupiter, the child. Second contact. The chart reflects the question nicely. Moreso, as the Moon is also in the house of the daughter. Interesting also is that the aspect is a square which also describes the situation nicely. The child will be pushed out into the world. The square comes to perfection in 6º 50′. Now the Moon is fairly slow in motion in this chart so the answer was 6 to 7 days. The daughter didn’t believe this at all. She was convinced the birth was immanent. But 6 and a half days after the question was asked the child was born. Interestingly enough Lord of the Ascendant of the birthchart of the child is Jupiter.