riddle 11: answer

Here is the “official” answer.
“The Timekeeper” answered it correctly. 🙂
> Nomads name us
> as we circle
> through the day.

The nomads are the planets.
We are the planetary hours and
we circle through the day.

> Sometimes we fast
> sometimes we feast.

The planetary hours are based
on the time between sunrise and sunset
and sunset to sunrise.
In winter the days are shorter and so the daytime hours “fast”
In the summer the days are long and so the daytime hours “feast”

> and it always is another
> that rises in the east.

The planetary hour that rises
is always the planet of the day.
For example on Monday the first
planetary hour is ruled by the Moon.

> We have our own measure
> to the mechanics dismay.
> Tell us who we are
> we will not go astray.

As each day has its own length
It would be a mechanics nightmare
to try to build a mechanical clock
based on the planetary hours! 🙂
Even so they are regular
and predictable but in their own way!
They don’t go astray.


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