Dr. Nostuabuk: on Inconjunction

In my younger days I was an enthusiast of Kepler’s new aspects. And so I kept the full menagerie. One day, or I should say night, one of the Quincunxes, a really fine-feathered specimen, got confused and thought it was a Quetzlcoatl. It flew shrieking off to the far west. Next morning I got an injunction, on pain of being tarred and feathered, to keep only the well tamed and very domestic Ptolemaic aspects. The neighbours complained of the noise. With the very heady aroma of the exotics cleared away, I finally came to my senses, and wondered what I was thinking about, for why should anyone need to join that which cannot be joined? Planets inconjunct do not behold one another and so can never come together.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Nostuabuk: on Inconjunction

  1. That’s all very nice, Dr.

    But…you can’t really describe “Harmonic astrology” as mere NOISE, can you now ?
    Maybe your long haired, glassy eyed neighbours are not so civilised, so they prefer to hear loud metal rock music instead, eh ?

  2. Servus, Herr Professor!

    Well I know that there are a few Harmonists around, hopefully they won’t throw any tiny green cactus’ at me the next time I visit Prag. 🙂

    your servant,
    H. Nostuabuk

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