Riddle 20: Answer

I regret,
not rising.

Regret and decline are related expressions. Regret is politer
Declination is measured north and south of the celestial equator, so cannot rise.

I regret,
not receiving.

Declination is not reception. Planets that are parallel may or may not have reception with each other.

I regret,
not coming to the point.

A parallel by definition is formed by two lines that do not share a single point. They do not intersect.

The objects of my sloping attention,
Are set on rails. Do you know what I mean?

A decline is a slope. And rails are parallel to one another. I wouldn’t want to sit in a train where that wasn’t so!

They will never meet,
though they still may form a team.

Parallel lines never meet. But planets parallel to one another are indeed teamed up.

I regret……………………………
………………… but I’m not sorry!

No Parallel worth its declination is sorry for anything.

Riddle 19: Answer

The answer is ‘speculum’. A speculum has many uses. It can be used to tabulate: aspects, planetary positions, directions etc. The word is Latin for ‘mirror’. So a speculum reflects, in tabulated form, content from a chart or series of charts, so that the astrologer may have a clearer image of what is happening.

I am meant to be looked at,
like a reflection of a face.

This clue is about what a mirror does.

I am meant to be read,
like a book of accounts.

A book of accounts is in tabular form. So if you caught the first clue, and were wondering what is mirrored, you had a further clue.

I am meant to spread together,
what is spread out in time and space.

This clue is meant to introduce a bit of uncertainty. That is what makes a riddle fun. 🙂 Those who are certain of the answer will understand that another name for information in tabulated form is ‘spread-sheet’. So the information from the chart that is about both position and time (in directions for example) is organized on the sheet, spread together, so to speak.

Please do not conjecture,
nor hazard a guess.

To conjecture or guess or take hazards (as on the stock market) is to ‘speculate’.

Instead prepare a panel
to proclaim what I express.

The panel, is a clue for ‘table’. The table with all the notation in it, ‘proclaims’ what a speculum does.

I hoped you enjoyed the riddle. Be prepared for another one in the near future. There still are a few clues to ironed out in the next riddle. But you might, in the meantime, might want to look at the 19 (including the introductory riddle) other riddles at this site. Just choose ‘riddles’ in the Category button to the right. The answers have their separate category.

riddle 15: answer

> Twice a year
> I knock at the door
> that leads
> to the light

This is the spring equinox, culminating in the summer solstice (longest day/shortest night)

> or to night.

The autumn equinox, “culminating” in the winter solstice (shortest day/longest night)

>Do I go out?
>Do I go in?
>Do I stand on the threshold
>with a grin?

The ingress into Aries or Libra is like standing at a threshold, balanced in light

> Well balanced
> am I,
> but not always
> on scale.

A reference to the autumn equinox in Libra

> I can only be
> at the right time
> and place –

> without fail.

The equinox can only occur at 0 Aries or 0 Libra and only then!
Please also refer to “Twiddle’s” answer!

riddle 14: answer

> I don’t change places
> that’s for sure.
> But my influence on
> the other is quite secure.

I am mutual reception.
Mutual reception does not mean that the planets “change places”, it means that each receives the other in one of it’s dignities or debilities.

> I know nothing
> of a split rejection,

This is just a wordplay with the opposite meanings.

> only the interaction
> of reciprocal reflection.

This is describing mutual reception

> I can’t be divorced.
> I can only move away.

Mutual reception is established as long as the two planets are each in that part of a sign where the other planet has dignity. The moment they move out of this region, reception ends.

> If you’ve met me,
> you’ll know what to say.

> Who or what am I?

One finds mutual reception often enough in charts! 🙂

riddle 13: answer

> I span space,
> but only for a stretch.

A stretch of time is a term. But as this is a spatial term and one that has its bounds. It spans space.

> I am tied,
> but without constraint.

The terms are also called bounds. But they are not bound or tied and so are not constrained.

> I live in darkness,
> but with decorum.

The luminaries are not used with the terms.
A term is a minor dignity and so it has decorum.

> I know my limits.

Again another name for boundry.

> Name me.

A name is a term.