Weather: the Big Three

There are three factors that determine the weather, each in its own way and each in combination with the other. These are warmth, moisture and the movement of the atmosphere, wind. In Astro-meteorology each has a ruler. These are the Sun for warmth, the Moon for moisture and Mercury for wind. Each shows both a general weather pattern and in a particular weather chart can also provide specific information.

True to mundane astrological practice the charts that show a general weather pattern are either ingress charts (for the Sun and Mercury) or Lunar phase charts. So the general pattern of warmth is shown by the ingress of the Sun into Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn; the solstice and equinox points. The general moisture pattern can be read from the Lunar Phase, most importantly the New and Full Moon. The general wind pattern can be read from the ingress of Mercury into a sign. This is generally monthly.

Let us look at some charts:

Solar Ingress into Cancer, 2009

Solar Ingress into Cancer, 2009

Here is the Solar Ingress into Cancer on the 21st of June for my location (Bavaria, Germany). Unlike a natal chart, the most important house in a weather chart is not the Ascendant (the Ascendant has only secondary importance) but the 4th house. This is the location, the place where the weather will be happening. So, what information does the 4th house give us? Libra, a warm and moist sign is on the cusp. This promises some warmth for the summer season, but also moisture. But there are modifying factors. The first being the condition of the Ruler, in this chart Venus, and the second any direct aspects to the cusp, in this chart, the trine from the Moon/Mercury conjunction. Cool Venus in domicile in Taurus, a cold and dry sign in conjunction to warm Mars in detriment in cold and dry Taurus promises a cooler summer. Venus generally enhances any moisture and the conjunction with Mars suggests the collision of a warm and cold fronts, which in the summer season usually generate thunderstorms.  The Moon/Mercury conjunction promises plenty of moisture and wind so the general forecast will include plenty thunderstorms and more then enough wind and rain. The general warmth pattern is constant alternation between warm and cool. It might also be noted that the 12th house position of the Sun also hinders a full development of its nature.  No BBQ summer for Bavaria!

Now let us look at the moisture pattern for the end of June. Here we use the New Moon chart, which also is a solar eclipse chart:

New Moon 21st June 2009 (solar eclipse)

New Moon 22nd July 2009 (solar eclipse)

Here cold and dry Virgo is on the IC. Cold Saturn is conjunct the IC. Mercury, L4 is in warm and dry Leo separating from a sextile to Mars. Venus in warm and moist Gemini squares the IC. The Moon eclipses the Sun at the very end of cold and moist Cancer. Also to be noted is how Mercury L4 picks up on or reactivates (by sextile) the Mercury/Moon conjunction of the Ingress chart. So what does this tell us about the moisture situation? At first glance we might be inclined to say dry. But there are important factors against this. First the Moon is in her own sign, and Cancer is wet. Secondly Venus square Saturn on the IC tends to condense any available moisture. Low and dark clouds pregnant with moisture and the winds to carry them! Particularly through the reactivation of the Ingress Moon/Mercury conjunction. Mercury L4 in hot Leo, enhances summer thunderstorm activity. So the amount of moisture to be expected is above average.

And what about the wind situation?

Mercury Ingress, July 18, 2009

Mercury Ingress, July 18, 2009

And what is the situation in the 4th house? Though not L4, Mercury is in the 4th house but not in the same sign (please note, my software absolutely insists on placing the ingress at 29 Cancer 59!). So the wind potential is somewhat lessened. The Sun in the 4th house in Cancer and Moon L4 in Taurus in the 1st house favour winds carrying low-lying moisture laden clouds.

During this period in July it was generally rainy, with some very hot days, quickly followed by thunderstorms. Generally, for July it was very cool with average temperatures of around 18* C only a few days had temperatures above 25*C.

Dear reader, of course it is justified to say that I am writing out of hindsight. If you want to read a weather forecast for the season for Devonshire, using the method demonstrated above, please visit Caroline Allen’s site. She has written an excellent weather forecast for her location and she has been more accurate so far than the British Met who predicted a BBQ Summer! Here is the link.


9 thoughts on “Weather: the Big Three

  1. Hello Thomas

    Thank you for the kudos, and yes it is so satisfying to have beaten the ‘experts’ using Astro-meteorology! I am basking in glory at my ‘beginners luck’ 🙂

    I am also very gratified to see you writing about the ‘weather’ too.

    You mention the clashing of the cool and warm fronts of Venus but if I might add we have been keeping a wary eye on the two of them for some time on the Astro-Weather list because the two of them not only played tag by conjunction in longitude most of the summer, but were also flirting with each other by parallel of declination. Especially this past couple of weeks when we have had a really wet period in what should have been the hottest part of the season!

    I know a dyed-in-the-wool Traditionalist like you is loathe to use the Trans-Saturnian planets, but just to humour me, tell me how did Bavaria’s Lord 1 the Sun in the Solar Ingress chart react to the opposition by Pluto throughout the season Thomas?

    Has it been colder than usual for the time of year?


  2. Hello Caroline!

    The kudo’s are well earned, and knowing how thorough your astrology is I don’t think it is just ‘beginner’s luck’ alone. 😉

    If you look at the charts I have made a small concession to outer planet users by printing them out in pale grey. 🙂 And yes the temperatures have been generally below average.


  3. Fascinating stuff, wheather forecasting! And indeed in my opinion a field where astrology (or rather: astrologers) can take a stand against “scientific” criticism… Every day when I here the wheatherforecast on the radio, I cannot stop rolling my eyes: their 2 days ahead predictions change ALL the time – ridiculous, isn’t it?
    Now Thomas (or Caroline (hello! :-)) , do you know where to find Keppler’s material on wheather-astrology?

    Warmly, Herman

    • Hello Herman!

      You can find some references in the fourth book of his “The Harmony of the World”. (Click on the title to go to the Google Books link) If you read German, Chiron Verlag had (now out of print but obtainable at used book stores) his “Von den Gesicherten Grundlagen der Astrologie” (ISBN 3-925100-38-5)

      Good luck in your search! 🙂

      best regards,

  4. What Ho Herman! :0)))

    What an extraordinary coincidence; although after discussing synchronistic correlation with myself for days, it is perhaps not such a coincidence after all!

    Yes, indeed I do know where to find Kepler’s material regarding the weather ~ did you want to know? . . . . tease -tease …….. In fact only yesterday I sent off for a new English translation of Kepler’s primary work on the defence of astrology which includes his 35 years of observations as to the effects of the planets on our weather, but until I hold the copy in my hot little hand I don’t want to tell you where to find it LOL!

    I promise I will send you the information as soon as I have made sure of my copy. Which should be sometime within the next 10 days I am told. In the meantime, you may be interested in the article I was writing mentioning him entitled:

    “Heavens Above! Can Astrology REALLY Predict the Weather?”

    Chortle chortle!
    CarO 🙂

  5. Chuck chuck! ;-p

    Hideho Caro!

    I ‘ve read the wheather material on your (beautifull!) site; it is not only quite explicit but also wittily good written: it makes for a nice read, instead of the dry “objective” analyses meteorologists keep affronting us with!
    Would the book be a translation of De Fundamentis Astrologiae Certerioribus?
    Well, I hope you get your copy soon so you can inform me, hah!


  6. Hi di Hi Hermie 🙂

    >Would the book be a translation of De Fundamentis Astrologiae Certerioribus?

    No! :0) …….. But you are getting ‘warm’ …..….. another try?

    CarO 😉

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