Ye Quizze Questionne for Maye

Who or what is Alchabitius?

  1. Alchabitius is a little used rectification technique. A habitual planet is taken as the recification token and directed to the bounds of its progression.
  2. Alchabitius (120-181 A.D.), a Roman, was the first to name Mercury, ‘Mercury’. Before his time Mercury was known as ‘Stilbon’.
  3. Alchabitius is the latinized form of Abû al-Saqr al-Qabîsî ‘Abd al-‘Azîz ibn Uthmân, an an Arabian astrologer of the 10th century. A system of houses is named after him.
  4. Alchabitius has nothing to do with astrology. It is a rare form of stick-insect alchabitius nominerii found only on the island of Koror in Micronesia. It is noted for its unique neck ruff, 12 spikes mimicking thorns, that fan out from below its head.
  5. Alchabitius is the escape key in most astrology software. If calculations for primary directions end up in an infinite loop the only option is to press the Alchabitius key. This is different from programme to programme so check with the instructions before you dare calculating primary directions.

11 thoughts on “Ye Quizze Questionne for Maye

  1. Are you sure? I always thought that it Alchabitius was a form of synastry chart and that al-chabitius was a scribes error. It should read la cohabitation, and is from the French and not Arabic.


  2. Hi,

    Most people will choose no. 3, which seems like the most reasonable choise after consulting the notorious WickedPedia.

    The terrible truth is only known to a few: AlcHabitius is a latin term describing a very rare planetary pattern, to be found only in the natal charts of those few natives who share a very unusual inherited disease having to do with some unbelievable Alcohol consumption habits.

  3. Hello Reginald!

    Now that is indeed an interesting variation. We do know how often those manuscripts were copied and recopied. It is leasy to have a few typos derange the meeting.

    best regards,

  4. Hi Thomas, 🙂

    Algohol gets involved only when Mercury Retro-Cazimi shares its longitude, while squaring a rare synodic reunion of the big fat Guru, his brother the drunken SeaGod and their wounded half-horse healer, meeting at the astrologers degree to discuss post-modern astrology.

    Cheerz and Beers,

  5. Hello Thomas,

    I choose number 3: Alchabitius is the latinized form of Abû al-Saqr al-Qabîsî ‘Abd al-’Azîz ibn Uthmân, an an Arabian astrologer of the 10th century. A system of houses is named after him.

    Yes, good old Al! Being a wandering nomad he obviously knew a good habitation when he saw one – even if he had to invent it. Not for him those whole sign flat-pack cusps, good enough for unpacking and stacking night after night from a Camel’s handbag, but not built to last. Al Habitius knew there was a crying need for a solid structure yet one that could be moved about in timely fashion! Houses are like signs (he cried) in that they provide a grid against which planetary relationships can be measured and interpreted: Signs are a grid for Zodiacal motion and Houses are a grid for diurnal motion. And so he devised (or developed) the earliest known example of a quadrant-time system of house division. This was so flexible and kept the draughts out so tightly that his Cusps are still used today.

    To commemorate his achievement a house cusp was engraved upon his name, thus Al C’Habitius, or Al’s House Cusps.

    :0) 🙂


  6. Hello Thomas!

    I would go with number 3 as well. What many people do not know is that Al Chabitius was only a part time astrologer. His other job was, as his name tells us, the buying and selling of cabbages. Combining his two professions, he developed the theory of the concentric movements of the planets around a center, after he cut a cabbage in half by accident.
    This shows us that philosophy is really a hands on job.

    Best wishes

    PS: What really puzzles Maye is why this question is for Maye and not for anybody else? And how did you know that Aye would read it?

  7. Hello Naggie!

    Oh yes we musn’t forget the wounded healer who drowns his pain with the best Chi(r)anti available.

    it can’t be wine in trine, I suppose wine in sesqui-hydrate will have to do. 😉


  8. Hello Caroline and Peter!

    No wonder all had to give up the nomadic life. Cabbages are a full time occupation and require much care especially in an arid climate!

    Maye hasn’t answered yet, but Aye am can Saye heare is that ye Quizze was Mayed for all and sundry along with the Maye’s in the world. It is Amayesing ’tisn’t it? 😉


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