Quizze Questionne for Februarie

So just in time for Valentine’s Day ye Questionne for Februarie. But beware it may or may not have to do with the theme of the day!

What is a tasyr?

  1. A what? Surely you have misspelled ‘treasure’. ‘Treasure’ is a term of endearment like, pumpkin or honey or sweetie.
  2. A tasyr is an ancient Welsh name for ‘astrologer’. Among the wise was the bard, the druid and the tasyr.
  3. Tasyr is the arabic word for ‘arc’. The arc of direction used in primary directions.
  4. Abu Rayhan Muhammed ibn Ahmad al-Biruni al Tasyr, known to traditional astrologers as al Biruni, wrote the Elements of Astrology in the tenth century.
  5. A tasyr is a form of electro-shock pistol used by astrologers to defend themselves from plutonian attacks.

13 thoughts on “Quizze Questionne for Februarie

  1. Ah Yes, of course, Thankful Astrologers Searching (for) Young Roe.” An olde sport decidedly off the scale by now as we have entered the times where all Satyrs have disappeared into the deepest woods.

    Pity that, the fun never stopped after midnight. . . .

    Sir Arthyr,
    in search for better tymes

  2. Hi Thomas, 🙂

    (tasyr) in Arabic means “go” or “move” (but in Hebrew it means “remove”), so I guess it is something like no. 3…

    (Though the rest of the options sound just as good.) 😉

  3. Hello Caroline,

    Satyrs certainly had a sense of balance …

    singing heigh ho tasyr toe,
    sytar too, take a satyr
    and make him ratsy, singing heigh say tasy tay
    my treasure in the woods does stay…

    and so on. So No.1. is your answer? 🙂


  4. Sir Arthyr,

    Those where ye tymes. Now we can only sing about them. Sparsely saged, rose-merried tyme.

    Looking in the converse tasyr ( so to speak.)

  5. Hello Naggie!

    Ah, learnéd in ye anciente languages ye are!
    Yes, tasyr is as you say. It is the shortened version of:
    go planet , remove thyself from hence so that we maye measure the beauteous arc betweene thy promise and ye signified…

    Ande yes ye other optiones have possiblities! 🙂

    best wishes,

  6. Hi Thomas and all, 🙂

    It’s tyme for a rhyme,
    so let’s measure our treasure
    and make a martyr of the satyr.

    Have a look at this Spanish WickedPedia page:

    Then try the very the amusing Google automatic translation that suggests “tasyr” means “attack” ( LOL ! “Plutonian attacks” 😉 ) and goes like this:

    “Ataçir Attacking

    The attack (sometimes Atazar even tasyir) is an astronomical employee in the Middle Ages, in the astrometry of Al-Andalus. This procedure consisted of transferring the position on the celestial sphere of a star whatsoever (eg a planet) to another position to determine the degrees on the celestial equator which are located two positions away. In astrology the number of degrees is associated with a time interval and is used to predict the advent of a case. [1] [2] is sometimes included in the form of diagrams in the astrolabes Arabs to assist in the computation the years that will come to a given date. [3] This calculation can be done by various astronomical instruments.

    Alfonso X the Wise in his compilation of astronomical knowledge of the time a book devoted exclusively to this method of calculation: Book of attacking the king commanded to write Rabiçag (the Rabbi Isaac ben Sid). The calculation of Atazar uses the stereographic projection used in most astronomical instruments of the time: In the same way Abraham ben Meir ibn Ezra in his work also presents studies on Atazar [4].

    ↑ “New Studies in Astronomy century Spanish of Alfonso X,” Ed Juan Vernet, Barcelona 1983

    Book of the attack, Yehuda Ben Moshe. ”

    So, all druids, pumpkins and Welsh astrologer employees , take cover!

    Tasyr the Satyr is about to attack !

  7. Hello Thomas,

    No! Not number 1.

    Knowing that dear old ‘Al’ was born in Kath not Tasyr, and aware as I am of your inexplicable attachment to primaries, I will plump for number 3!

    The arc of direction as used in primary directions. 😉


  8. Hello Caroline,

    LOL. Yes my inexclicable attatchment to primaries has indeed led me to choose tasyr. It is a word full of possibility, as Naggie has so wonderfully demonstrated!


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