Dame Detrimentia, C.E.: Out of Sect

Dear Dame Detrimentia,

My boyfriend Wayne knows everything about astrology. He told me that all those planets in the 6th house mean I am the perfect housekeeper and so it shouldn’t be any problem for me to keep his flat clean. But he also said that I am out of sect. What am I to do? I have never had any complaints before, and now I’m afraid he might leave me.



Dear Jill

Sect is one of the most fundamental needs in any chart, and indeed it is what makes the world go round! Without sect we would have no night or day, no yin nor yang, and no masculine or feminine planets. Sect is a basic function of life and indeed I can quite see why your boyfriend is keen on it Jill. He is obviously an astrologer of the late classical period when the most important question influencing the interpretation of any chart was the very basic urge of sect!

What Wayne wants to get to grips with is, is the Sun above or below the horizon in your chart? This will reveal a great deal to a testosterone-fuelled astrologer. Because every planet, every aspect and every house cusp is expressed differently according to whether your Sun was above the horizon or below the horizon when you were born. Your sect will determine your capabilities, talents and functions, and as Wayne quite rightly points out – you may very well indeed be out of sect; and he out of luck.

Do not despair though Jill because I am sure Wayne knows that there are a number of mechanical devices that can increase sectual arousal in a woman. Chief amongst these is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 convertible. This of course would have to be procured when Lord 2 Mars was nocturnally placed in a masculine sign above the horizon in a night chart – preferably close to the 10th cusp and fast in motion.

However, should this fail, then despite your very obvious talents as a 6th house day-labourer, I think I may refer you to Dr. Nostuabuk for sectual therapy regarding your nocturnal positions.

Yours very much in condicio

Dame Detrimentia C.E.
(Caroline Allen)

6 thoughts on “Dame Detrimentia, C.E.: Out of Sect

  1. ————————————-I————————————–
    I don’t know about out of sect but I find in-sects scrumptious. —————————————————————————-
    —–oOD ————oOD—————-oOD ————oOD———


  2. Dear Dame Detrimentia,

    Well done! Brava. . .yes indeed, however when it comes to sect, I have a cute little way of working with that.

    The most obvious of course is to replace said sectless person into the worldly position of enjoyable and satisfying sect no matter their age or physical condition. This is a fast acting reliable result that many clients can rely on. Relocation is often required therefore I too recommend an unusual toy.

    Simply purchase a Maybach 62 and allow my extensive use of said commodity. While the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 convertible is a sweet deal, the Maybach 62, when driven to the correct location will alter and increase the sectual confidence any client has yearned for, for years; male or female.

    The day lord of Jupiter located in his own sign and in the 9th house close to the 10th angle while fast in motion is also required.

    Your humble servant,
    Sir Arthyr
    Always a pleasure to read your wonderful comments !

  3. Dear Sectless of Chicago

    You talked of “Sect! Sect! Sect! Night and day” Alas at my advanced age it is all glibido (all talk and no action).

    Wistfully yours
    Detrimentia (Dame; matured in the Traditional manner)

  4. ————————————-I————————————–
    —–oOD ————oOD—————-oOD ————oOD———


    (Dame Detrimentia having an Arachnoleptic fit)

  5. Dear Sir Arthyr

    I am considering your suggestion of ‘sect relocation’ most enthusiastically; the technique of Maybach 62 sounds to be more attractive than my usual Astrocartography (first class) mode of transport.

    However, haven’t I missed the boat? Jupiter is presently in fall and will not be located in his own domicile until January 18th 2010? At my advanced age this may be too long to wait I fear, but I will mark it in my ephemeris as a possible progression. Would that 10th angle be the 10th cusp by whole sign houses or quadrant houses? I would not want to arrive at the wrong house.

    Graciously yours,
    Detrimentia (Dame)
    Always my pleasure to give pleasure Sir A.

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