Dr. Nostuabuk: Retrograd

The city of Retrograd, high in the Carpathians, cannot be found in most travel books. Those who have been there remain silent. Their experience having been quite disorienting.

Time somehow flows differently in Retrograd. Once the visitor enters through its gates he finds himself moving backwards – involuntarily and without danger of bumping into anyone and anything. This is accompanied by intense deja vu. The Central Plaza with its breathtaking fountains, particularily when full of people, could be memorable. But there is a difficulty; as soon as the visitor leaves the city he finds it hard to remember. It is as if he has just woken up and all that has happened disappears into the haze of an unrecollected dream. Even I find it strenuous. For example the fountains; the water doesn’t flow from above, it somehow lazily jumps into the pipes which in turn… Hummph, you’ll just have to see it for yourself.*

*You can book with Yercrum Tours, Retrograd’s premium travel agency, if you can find them. 😉

7 thoughts on “Dr. Nostuabuk: Retrograd

  1. Dear Dharmauci,

    Dr. Nostuabuk tells me that from London there is a very irregular trans-channel carriage that leaves from Piccadilly. He also says that a direct booking isn’t possible. If you’re lucky then indirect and roundabout. He’s a bit grumpy at the moment. He spent months walking backwards, to the consternation of many passers-by ;-), so that he could remember at least a little bit of Retrograd. He had hoped for more.

    good luck!

  2. Hi Dr Nostuabuk 🙂

    I located Yercrum Tours! They are near the station in Recnac, La Caidoz, (9th house along ) but hurry, as they are only open for business three times a year. I have booked my ticket for 16th June returning on 10th July, and so I look forward to seeing you in Retrograd Dr Nostuabuk. (Or should that be I have already enjoyed seeing you?) . . . .


  3. Dear Dr. Lostabook ,

    Is it rumor, claiming that all missing people and socks can be retrieved from Retrograd, true or false ?

    Oblivia Scatterbrain

  4. Herr Dr.,

    Retrograd is very famous for its very good hosiptals, sanitariums and spas. You should know, any tourist who stops at the city gate, about to enter Retrograd, immediately falls into a sickbed , while anyone standing at the city exit , feels much better, almost fully recovered.

    Gesundheit !

  5. Dear Oblivia,

    The city you are surly thinking about is Vanishas on Triangolos island in the Sargasso sea. Don’t bother looking for it in an atlas. The Island disappeared ages ago. There is indeed a rumour that a huge repository for single missing socks was established there.

    your Servant,

    H. Nostuabuk

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