riddle 12?

Anyone want to give it a go?

I won’t post an answer without at least one try! 🙂

4 thoughts on “riddle 12?

  1. OK Thomas, I’ll have a feeble attempt; is it a Contrantiscion? Signs and degrees that ‘hear each other’ or of equal ascension.

    I am not the descendant,
    I beg your pardon please,

    ~~ CarO ~~ Just as the Descendant is the opposing polarity
    of the Ascendant axis

    And I refuse to be grafted
    on any old degree.

    ~~ CarO ~~ so to is the Contrantiscion exactly opposite to the Antiscion

    If you can count backward,
    that’s the way you find me best.

    ~~ CarO ~~ If an antiscion lies at a certain zodiacal degree then we count the remaining degrees out of 29 backwards to find the contranticion in its respective antiscial sign. The Table for this in Firmicus Maternus “Liber Secundus” counts the contrantiscial degrees backwards from 29.

    And while you’re at it,
    you’ll know what I’m against.

    ~~ CarO ~~ Contra means against: and as a contrantiscion is the polarity of an antiscion it is therefore against it :0)


  2. Well done, Caroline. No way I could have come anywhere near that close to the correct answer. You just keep on getting smarter & brighter and we do miss your light on TRA . . .
    Warm regards,

  3. Thanks for your kind words Marybeth 🙂 – as usual, I got it back to front though! Personally I blame Mercury about to perform his thrice-annual back-flip ;-(

    Best Fishes

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