Dr. Nostuabuk: on Ductoria

“Al Ductoria” (pronounced Dook-tor-ee-ah) was a restaurant once favoured by astrologers. Much to Abu, the chef’s consternation the head waiter, Ezra, by way of a joke, always asked which combustibles one wished to order. Abu did not find this funny, his culinary creations were in his estimation well but never overdone. Then one day, in a fit of choleric irritation he invented the flambeè. (I’ll show you what combust is!!) His legendary “Balsamic Moon Flambeè” was superb. A true inspiration.

Many poems, songs and stories with the title: “East of the Sun. West of the Moon” were inspired by this flambeè. The more prosaic, not given to such flights of fantasy, have written that Ductoria, in honour of this palace of culinary delight and its chef, is something like a combust planet in its own domicile or exaltation and to the right of the Sun.

9 thoughts on “Dr. Nostuabuk: on Ductoria

  1. Lovely explanation Thomas :0) I was just laughing at it when I noticed the correct one at the bottom, and by coincidence I have just such a chart in front of me! Or perhaps it is not such a coincidence and that is why you put this up?

    In my chart (09:58 am: 25th October 2006: 50N38 003W20: Asc. 23* Scorpio) I see Mars at 01*08 Scorpio combust in his own domicile and to the right of the Sun at 1* 12 Scorpio: so this is Ductoria is it?

    Can I ask how this Ductoria would be affected by detrimented Venus afflicting both Mars and the Sun in the middle of the pair of them at 1*12 Scorpio?


  2. Bother. I was rushing at put up the wrong degree for the Sun. The correct placements of the planets in my chart are:

    The Sun at 1* 48 Scorpio
    Venus at 1* 12 Scorpio
    Mars at 1* 08 Scorpio

    So detrimented Venus interposes her body between Mars and the Sun. Does this destroy the Ductoria please Thomas?


  3. Are the hosts or over-dignified guests sitting next to his royal highness the Sol-tan on his right side, the reason why “Al Ductoria” is knwn as an “Oriental” restaurant ?
    What about the one sitting on his lap ?

  4. Hi CarO,
    Mars would still be Ductoria. What does Venus signify in the chart? Such prominent configurations usually have a story to tell! Venus might very well be an interfering something or other here!
    best wishes,

  5. Lieber kleiner grüner Kaktus,

    Why yes. But Dr. N. didn’t want to go into detail about the Sol-tan!

    He tells me that when the taste for flambèe cooled down during the cafè craze, Al Ductoria was redecorated and renamed La Cafèteria. Abu was no longer around, otherwise he might very well have found something else to flambèe! 🙂


    PS As yet there is no astrological use for Cafèteria, unless someone has named an asteroid after it. But who really prefers fast food to haute cuisine?

  6. Good Morning Thomas

    The question was an Horary regarding the financial affairs of the Querent’s son, and so with an ascendant of 23* Scorpio and turned 5th cusp of 12* 43 Aries, Mars rules both the Querent and his son. The turned 2nd cusp from the 5th being 2*19 Taurus (Regiomontanus) Venus rules the Querent’s son’s finances.

    Venus was combust and not yet cazimi, and (I thought) besieged between the two malefics the Sun and Mars, and so I gave a negative judgement to the question. But I was struck with your interpretation of Ductoria and wondered if Venus being in Ductoria negated this; but on looking it up, I find conflicting testimonies.

    In “The Book of the Sun” by Marsilio Ficino (translated by Geoffrey Cornelius, Darby Costello, Graeme Tobyn, Angela Voss & Vernon Wells) in Chapter III: ‘The Sun the Lightgiver’ Ficino says:

    “Moreover, the Sun fills the two adjacent signs with so much potency, that this space on both sides is called by the Arabs the Ductoria of the Sun – that is the solar field. When planets pass through them, avoiding being burnt up in the meantime, they acquire a marvellous power, especially if the superior planets, finding themselves in this position, rise before the Sun and the inferior ones after the Sun.” ends quote.

    This would mean that my poor little turned Lady of the second house Venus, being an inferior planet, was NOT in Ductoria wouldn’t it? Because she in fact rises before the Sun in my Horary and not after as Ficino stipulates?

    Whilst I am here though, can you please clarify for me that Ductoria is another name for Dustoria Thomas? Because the description you give of “a combust planet in its own domicile or exaltation and to the right of the Sun.” exactly fits that given for Dustoria in “Tools & Techniques of the Medieval Astrologer” by Robert Zoller, Chapter VII ‘On the Dustoria or Aym of the Planets’.

    Are the two terms synonymous? And does it indeed mean that a planet in Ductoria/Dustoria are, as Zoller translates: “ . . because of this the wise say that a planet may be safe from the rays of the luminaries. . ” when combust?

    Because in that case we can cut the time a planet is combust in half can’t we? And that means half of our judgments will be wrong if we don’t? Or is Mercury about to turn Rx addling my brains?

    CarO (scratching her head)

  7. Hi Caro anf Thomas,

    Caro, thank you for your very interesting questions. May I add one of my own ? When Saturn, the most superior of the planets is in its own domicile, combust the Sun and oriental, can it also “acquire a marvellous power”?

    Saturn is an iceburg, after all, so the heat of the Sun can only melt it, right (although it’s not hot enough to do so in the winter, under Saturn’s rulership) ?

  8. Hello CarO and “Kaktus” :-),

    I think your questions are worth an article of its own. Give me a few days please?

    Just one comment about terminology. Ductoria and Dustoria refer to the same thing.

    best regards,

  9. Hello Thomas

    Many thanks for the clarification on terminology 🙂

    And I am very pleased that you are going to expound at length on the Ductoria of the planets. It is a whole new concept to me and so I am quite fascinated! I shall look forward to it.


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