riddle 7: answer

>Like the bridge in the story
>We span two safer shores.

We are the cadent or falling houses.
The bridge is the one in the nursery story,
“London bridge is falling down…”
The safer shores are the angular and
succedant houses that lie on either side of us.

>Our rhythm is quite clumsy
>You might not stay upright.

Rhythm is also cadence.
You can’t stay upright if you are falling.

>Those who come to visit,
>always decline to stay.

Being on a decline they fall away.
And are certainly not inclined to come again so very soon.
Ever try to cross a rope bridge?
This probably explains why in timing cadent means fast!

>Please tell us who we are
>and then be on your way.

Cadent or falling houses!

Dear reader,
The next riddle will be posted tomorrow
to give Lea and CarO (and all other riddle solvers)
a breather! Good show! 🙂

2 thoughts on “riddle 7: answer

  1. Just one point Thomas. I have always been taught ( by John Frawley) that Cadent timing was ‘fast’. As in giving the quickest and shortest length of time.

    As in:
    Cardinal/ Cadent = fastest or shortest timing: hours or days
    Common/Cadent = medium to fast: days or weeks
    Fixed/Cadent = fast to slow: months.

    Don’t you agree with this?


  2. Dear CarO,
    Of course you a right. Guess it was a bit late…
    Thank you. If you fall, that usually happens quickly.
    OK lets say you cross the bridge to get it over with 😉
    best regards,

    This has been corrected.

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