Riddle 2: answer

I am the dance,
but not the dancer.

I am the ecliptic, the Sun’s path. The dancer is the Sun.

I am the measure
for both high and low.

I am the measure for celestial longitude. Without me there would be no north or south celestial longitude. High is the north. Low is the south.

I have no eyes,
only two blind spots,

The two blind spots are the north and south node which intersect the ecliptic. Here is where the Sun can be eclipsed.

and yet I see the year
come and go.

The cycle of the year from one Spring Equinox to the next takes place on the ecliptic.

Name me obscure if you will
but I have spoken plainly.

The word “ecliptic” can be translated from Greek as “obscure”. Just saying the obvious! “Ecliptic” and “eclipse” are related. The ancients weren’t so terribly interested in the ecliptic itself. For them it was where eclipses took place. Hence the name.

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