Welcome to Altair Astrology

Dear Reader,

I present an astrological riddle. This has two purposes. It will get you to think more deeply about astrological lore and give a taste of what is to come!

In opera you will not find my song,
as it belongs to the highest sphere.
The sun is my beloved,
we share the same golden gleam.
When he is with me
all nature rejoices.

Much fun in solving,

yours Thomas

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Altair Astrology

  1. Good Luck Thomas!

    I shall be keeping an ‘eagle eye’ on your site, as your writing is always so informative.

    I must say though that I am puzzled as to why such a gentil and parfait gentleman as yourself should want to be associated with the bird that is known as ‘The Wounding’ though; because Altair preyed upon the liver of Prometheus didn’t he? But no doubt you have your reasons!


  2. Thank you Caroline for your encouragement!
    I have attempted an explanation in the “about” page!

    Ah, but Promotheus’ liver regenerated itself, and one might ask what nourishment it was?

    yours truly,

  3. Thomas, great!

    My answer to your pzzl is Moon.. .although Dean Martin sang:
    “When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie”

    AHHHHhhhhhhh you prolly have a much deeper meaning than that. 🙂

    Good kuck with the site, I know you’ll do well!


  4. ‘Evening Thomas

    I think the answer to your riddle is:

    0 Aries, that degree of the ecliptic at the intersection of the Ecliptic with the Equator: The Spring Equinox.

    In opera you will not find my song,
    (No, the song is called “The Rites of Spring” a ballet by Igor Stravinsky)

    as it belongs to the highest sphere.
    (The Sun goes north of the Equator at 0* Aries at the Spring Equinox)

    The sun is my beloved,
    (The Sun is ‘exalted’ in Aries)

    we share the same golden gleam.
    (one of the gem stones for Aries is the Citrine, a yellow-golden gleaming quartz stone.)

    Any good?


  5. Dear Arthyr and Caro!

    Allright to answer you both in one reply?
    Yes. Aries it is. I’ll post the “official answer” tomorrow 🙂
    Gleam would seem to suggest the Moon but then riddles shouldn’t be too easy!
    Thank you both for your answers. I am delighted!

    And thank you Arthyr for your well wishes!

    Cheers to you both,

  6. Nice blog, Thomas. I got here too late to partcipate in the riddle (she’s a sharp one that Caro!) But a question: Is the Primum Mobile not considered a sphere? If it is, it has to be higher than the zodiac…

    Ahh, there’s always a place for pedantry ;o))

  7. Dear Steve,
    Thank you, praise is always welcome. Yes you are right and that is exactly the sphere I am refering to, but in order to give the riddle a bit of oomph I also used the sphere of the fixed stars below it (the golden fleece). Caro isn’t the only sharp one! 🙂 I’ll go into more detail in the “official” answer!
    best wishes,

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