Prologue: The 2017 Solar Eclipse

I hope to look more closely at the 2017 solar eclipse before the event itself takes place! As you may have noticed posts have been few and far between since May 2014. Not without reason. But dear reader I haven’t forgotten you.

Here a few thoughts.

First. Mundane astrology is a convoluted affair. All of those charts.

Let me see.

For starters there is the last grand conjunction (Saturn/Jupiter), the last Jupiter/Mars conjunction, the vernal equinox for 2017, the previous solstice, the previous full moon and the eclipse chart itself  for the capital of the country ‘hosting’ the eclipse. In this case Washington D.C. Then there are the players that the ‘host’ country is involved with (Moscow, Beijing, Brussels, Riyadh, Teheran, Tokyo, Canberra, Brasilia, Damascus, the capital of your own country …).

Second. The reading of the charts commands maintaining a neutrality that is very difficult to achieve. Who isn’t tempted to write the sensational prediction of the decade and become the William Lilly of the 21st century? Who can look at the charts as if dealing with an historical event that took place ten years ago particulary in light, or in dark (?) of the path of the eclipse  (from the west coast of the United States to the east coast) and the current climate (political and otherwise)? Whose vision isn’t coloured by his or her background and expectations. An American will treat the eclipse differently than a Swede or someone from Vietnam.

Third. Where should the focus be and from whose standpoint. The people of the country, the leaders, the economy, the climate? If you consider these four you already have 12 different flavours of interpretation.

Let’s take the climate for example. Let’s call her Gaia. What is the expected interaction with the people of the country? Do they treat her well? How will she respond to their treatment? What about the economy? Will she wreak havoc with the countries trade in futures? What about the leaders? How do they view her? Is she respected? Does she respect them?

I wonder if I am up to it 🙂 Are you?