riddle 15

Twice a year
I knock at the door
that leads
to the light

or to night.

Do I go out?
Do I go in?
Do I stand on the threshold
with a grin?

Well balanced
am I,
but not always
on scale.

I can only be
at the right time
and place –

without fail.

riddle 14

I don’t change places
that’s for sure.
But my influence on
the other is quite secure.

I know nothing
of a split rejection,
only the interaction
of reciprocal reflection.

I can’t be divorced.
I can only move away.
If you’ve met me,
you’ll know what to say.

Who or what am I?

riddle 12

I am not the descendant,
I beg your pardon please,
And I refuse to be grafted
on any old degree.
If you can count backward,
that’s the way you find me best.
And while you’re at it,
you’ll know what I’m against.