Looking for the Lord of the Geniture

There are well behaved charts that have at least one well positioned dignified planet. A planet that is the best candidate for Lord or Lady of the Geniture (LoG). It becomes more difficult when there are no dignified planets in a chart. What then? How does one choose the best planet out of an array of peregrine, detrimented and ‘fallen’ planets? If you look at the dignities list provided by many authorities, such as Wm. Lilly or Joh. Schöner, you will find that a planet in fall is considered less debilitated than either being peregrine or in detriment. Does this mean that an accidentally dignified planet in fall is a better candidate than one that is peregrine? Then again other authorities consider a peregrine planet to be in better condition than one in fall. Now there’s a quandary!

So what is one to do? Joh. Schöner presents a method that in the search for the LoG takes into account dignity but doesn’t require a planet to be in one of its own dignities. And this is the method I would recommend to give orientation if there are no strongly placed dignified planets. I say orientation, as it is a help in getting one’s considerations organized and can give just that bit of extra insight. The example chart below will demonstrate this!

Joh. Schöner considers the dignities of the following hylegical positions:

  • Ascendant
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Part of Fortune
  • Syzygy (Full or New Moon previous to birth)

The planet or planets with the most dignities in these positions are the best candidate for the position of LoG. The reasoning is quite simple. A planet that has dignities there is also one of considerable influence. But the search doesn’t end with a mere tabulation of points. There is a second step required and that is a closer consideration of the condition of the planet. Does it make favourable aspects to these points? Is it angular? Does it conjunct the pre-birth eclipse or planets, hopefully beneficial and well placed, in the pre-natal eclipse chart? The planet that best fulfils this is your LoG.

Here is a table that can be used to tabulate the results:

Dignity Tabulation

Let us look at a chart of a well known author. It has a detrimented Moon and the rest of the planets are peregrine. First the chart:

The Syzygy for this birth was at 15 Cancer. If we tabulate the dignities we have Saturn with 17 points closely followed by Mercury with 16 points. Then comes the Moon with 11 points, Venus with 10, Jupiter with 9 and Mars with 7 and the Sun with 0.

How strong are the first two candidates? Saturn is angular, ok. But he is also retrograde, not so good. The pre-natal eclipse was at 17 Gemini, exactly in opposition to Saturn. This makes Saturn a notable influence but the opposition is not so nice. Saturn is also square natal Mars and its eclipse position was at 20 Sagittarius, an exact square to the natal Mars position. His influence is certainly strong, but is he the best choice for LoG?

What about Mercury? He is Lord 1 and 10, but cadent. In the pre-natal eclipse chart Mars was at 25 Leo, the position of Mercury in the radix. So we have another planet ‘charged’ by the eclipse. The only problem is that Mercury as Lord of the Ascendant is in the house of self-undoing. He is also in mutual detriment with Saturn. Again we have an influential planet but in bad condition. Are there any other candidates?

There is indeed another angular planet. That is Mars. We have seen his connection to Mercury in the eclipse chart. He is also in Mercury’s domicile and exaltation and in Saturn’s term. Too bad he is square Saturn! But a separating square. We may have to return to him.

What about planets in succedant houses? That is Moon, Venus and Sun. So let’s look at them. The next planet is the Moon. She is in detriment. She is trine the ascendant, sextile Jupiter and in opposition to Venus. Then there is Venus. Other than the oppostion to the Moon nothing notable. And the Sun? Also nothing notable. That leaves us with cadent Jupiter.

Now that we have gone through all of the planets our only real candidates are Saturn and Mars. Of the two I think Saturn is indeed the best choice. My reasoning is this. Mars is Lord 8 and the pre-natal eclipse conjunction to natal Mercury in the 12th does not bode well. Saturn on the other hand at least has the advantage of having the most hylegical dignities.

In the next article I will reveal the name of the person to whom this chart belongs. Which planet would you have chosen?