Profection is another traditional predictive technique. Basically the ascendant (and all other significant points are moved one sign forward for each year of life). It can be considered a form of progression and provides additional detail to the new solar year. It is always used in combination with the natal chart. As it is connected to the solar year, it can be used in combination with the solar return.

Profection in Vedic astrology is intimately connected with the solar return. The jyotish solar return is called the varshaphala; literally yearly (varsha), effects (phala). There the only sensitive point that is profected is the ascendant or lagna. This is called the muntha. The muntha plays a very important role in determining the lord of the year. Quite often it is the lord of the year.

While we are discussing the varshaphala I might as well mention immensely interesting use of the terms (or hudda dasa) for determining sub-periods of the year*. The terms – the egyptian terms are used – are divided proportionally for 360 degrees. For example Aries has the following terms:

  • first six 6 degrees belong to Jupiter = 72 days
  • next six 6 degrees belong to Venus = 72 days
  • next 8 degrees belong to Mercury = 96 days
  • next 5 degrees belong to Mars = 60 days
  • last 5 degrees belong to Saturn = 60 days

So if the ascendant of the solar return is at 7 degrees Aries, the birthday being on the 1st of January, the planetary periods for the year would be:

  • Venus for the first 72 days, beginning Jan. 1st
  • Mercury for the next 72 days
  • Mars for the next 96 days
  • Saturn for the next 60 days
  • Jupiter for the rest of the year

Of course this system should be used for a jyotish interpretation as the planetary periods and sub-periods play a more predominant role in prediction. Firdaria would roughly be a similar, though by comparison more crude equivalent.

* for more detail please refer to K S Charaka’s book ‘Predictive Techniques in Varshaphala’


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