Japan – A Brief Event Analysis

I find it difficult  to immediately write about large-scale disasters, particularly with the extent of injury both to life and land.

A week has passed now and just as seismologists are analyzing the situation so too many mundane astrologers. I will only post a few observations today, a more thorough analysis with charts, etc. will have to wait.

At first I thought it might be sufficient to look at charts for the region, but considering the extent of the damage and the major atomic crisis it seems more likely that this event will also be reflected in the mundane chart of Japan. This is indeed so. Nicholas Campion in his book, “The Book of World Horoscopes”, lists two possible events for the newly constituted sovereignty of Japan after WWII. The first event is the presentation of a new constitution by the Diet to the Emperor on May 3, 1947 12:00 LMT, Tokyo. The second event, and this is the one I have chosen here is for the official restoration of Japanese independence on April 28, 1952 at 13:30 GMT in Tokyo. Only three charts will be referred to here:

  1. Japanese sovereignty
  2. Solar Return for 2010-2011
  3. Solar eclipse Jan. 2011

I would like to list only a few relevant event “activators”:

  • In the sovereignity chart the MC/IC Axis is 20 Libra/20 Aries
  • The IC is at the midpoint between Mercury and Jupiter
    (earthquake and inundation)
  • This midpoint was activated by the Jan. eclipse.
    The chart for Tokyo has an MC/IC axis that is exactly the
    reverse of the sovereignity chart ( 20Aries/20Libra)
  • The solar return of the sovereignity chart 2010/2011
    has 13 Capricorn on the ASC
  • The Jan. eclipse was at 13 Capricorn

The acitivation of both the ASC/DESC and the MC/IC axis along with the middle point activation of Mercury/Jupiter by a solar eclipse alone point to a major event.

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