Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: Ye Fifthe Unfoldeing

Explain what tropic means:

a. It is a turning point.

b. It is an acronym: Transiting Retrograde Of Progressive International Conjunctions. TROPIC astrologers are known for bringing their readings to a point. A uniquely conjunctive style.  Here is an example:

c. It is the latest in waterproof surf-phones.

d. It is a special tool used by the astrologer to pick auspicious days. It was invented by the 16th century astrologer Benjamin A. S. Tro. And today is known as the Tro-pic.

e. You really don’t want to know…

7 thoughts on “Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: Ye Fifthe Unfoldeing

    • Hello Trojan,
      Well congratulations on your longevity. 😉 I thought you invented the Tro-Jan, the device that complements the Tro-pic by chaining the auspicious days together.
      best regards,

  1. A Tropic is a “Turning Point”. Now extinct in the Mute signs, it’s usual habitat is generally Sagittarius or one of the Air signs. It is that point in a conversation when any topic takes a retrograde turn for the worse. Hence the Rx embedded into the term Topic to form TRopic.


  2. Of course, it’s E !
    According to the new and exciting astronomical discovery, “Tropic” is the 14th sun sign that, up until yesterday, has been hiding along the cellestial axis of evil, in Cancer’s shell and Capricorn’s tail, which proves that all them astrologers, ignorant of its existence, are using a false zodiac and writing false horoscopes for people with false sun signs. Hehehe…

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