Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: Ye Fourthe Unfoldeing

A perigee is …

a. …the astrologer’s apology when s/he gets it wrong. The standard form is: “My perigees, I got close but…”

b. … the fourth movement in a lunar symphony.

c. … finely sliced lunar crescent with truffle on a bed of Moonay sauce.

d. … when a celestial body tries to cuddle up. It’s the closest it possibly can come.

e. …the astrologer’s credentials, something like a pedigree.

8 thoughts on “Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: Ye Fourthe Unfoldeing

  1. Hello Thomas,

    I see myself in proposal A and I continue your sentence:”….I`m sorry I`ve lost my Lot of Intellect anf profound thought 😦

    Kind regards,

  2. LOL! ALL of the above! I love them all……..especially the finely sliced lunar crescent on a bed of Mooney sauce ;-))

    Wonderful stuff Thomas………..but I think my Lot of Intellect has run off with Trojan’s. I blame Mercury Rx for enticing them!


  3. a…. No, the astrologer’s apology is the apogee, with standard form:” My Apogees, I’ve gone too far…”

    b….. No, it’s the fastest Rondo form movement in the Lunar symphony.

    c….Hmmm, what? In Portugees peri-peri-gees are red hot chili pepper sauces cooked using “just a mirror for the sun”.

    d…Errr…It’d when you meet a white rabbit in the orbi-T-party and he leaves in a hurry…

    e. …Huh ?! It’s the cheshire cat’s huge smile , hanging in the night’s sky, reminding me of this hit by Katy Perri , Geeez !!!!

    Check out the PerriGee lyrics:

    What’s somebody like you, doin in a place like this?
    Say, did you come alone, or did you bring all your friends?
    Say, what’s your name, what you drinking
    I think I know what you’re thinking
    Baby what’s your sign, tell me yours I’ll tell you mine
    Say, what’s somebody like you doing in a place like this?
    (1, 2, 3, 4… lunar phases?)

    I’ll never be the same – if we ever meet again
    Won’t let you get away – said if we ever meet again
    This free fall’s, got me so
    Kiss me all night don’t ever let me go
    I’ll never be the same
    If we ever meet again

    Say if we ever meet again

    Do you come here much?
    I swear I’ve seen your face before (before, yeah)
    Hope you don’t see me blush (lunar eclipse?),
    but I can’t help but want you more, more
    Baby tell me what’s your story
    I ain’t shy, don’t you worry
    I’m flirtin with my eyes, wanna leave with you tonight
    So do you come here much, I gotta see your face some more, some more

    • Hello Maia,
      a. yes there are peristrologers and apostrologers.
      b. Right you are. Ludwig von Perigee was known to use the rondo. His Lunar symphony is a good example. It was important to return to the initial motiv. A full cycle, so to speak.
      c. ah, the peri-peri-gee hot sauce, goes well with a Mars flambée.
      d. he would if it was a Jub Jub bird. No one wants to get close to them.
      e. perigeefulous! :-))

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