Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: ye thirde Unfoldeing

Progression. What is that?

a. A positive way to deal with hostility.

b. A discrete but useful item of apparel for the perfect delineation. Much more comfortable than a corset.

c. To take a step at a time which astrologically is degree by degree.

d. What any node would do if it could. But somehow their anatomy won’t allow it.

e. The sound an equinox makes while trying to balance on a ram’s horn or on the pivotal axis of  a scale.

4 thoughts on “Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: ye thirde Unfoldeing

    • Hello Trojan
      Yes, I am sure that is what any node would wish…
      As far as I know, nothing celestial moves in a straight line. Or?
      best regards,

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