Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: Ye Seconde Unfoldeing

Delineation. What is that?

a. Archaic term for one of many methods for removing wrinkles. Moderns use the word ‘anti-aging’.

b. A line by line printout in the ICU-UCME-ASTRO format. Looks like gibberisch unless fed to a special reader – of which there are only two: one is sealed in a hidden chamber below the pyramid of Gizeh and the other was last seen in a bottle floating on the Atlantic.

c. Deli ‘n Eat ion. Recently discovered sub-platonic particle released when planets are in station. Thought to have an influence on the macrocosmic and microcosmic girdle.

d. Step-by-step interpretation of an astrological chart.

4 thoughts on “Ye Sevene-folde Quizze: Ye Seconde Unfoldeing

  1. Hello Thomas and Guten Tag,

    I vote for C, but at the same time I think you made a mistake because “delineation” is
    sub- aristotelian.

    Kind regards,

  2. Most people choose “d” without hesitation,
    just because that’s the first letter in Delineation,
    but actually it’s a common misintepretation
    involved in any act of astro-divination.

  3. I have a delineation done each year, which is one reason why I appear so youthful. And afterwards without fail I go to the Deli and Eat In. This is followed by indigestion but one small glass of aqua delineae helps cure that. The day after I usually note a rounding in my delineation, especially around the girdle. And dear Maia, I do try not to make any delineations on those days as any astrologer de lineate knows. And dear Trojan, quite right, the right side of the ion is sub-aristotelian and that only on Tuesdays. And dear Caroline the Deli surely chose their name from the particular ion in question?

    your Servant,

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