FIFA World Cup: How does it all End?

With someone winning! 😉
Now that the quarter finalists are decided we can look at the half finals and final game. But first only from the viewpoint of favorite (FAV) and underdog (UDG). Because the games are set so closely to another and always at the same time you will note similarties in the charts. FAV will always have Saturn as Significator and UDG will always have the Sun. In all three charts Saturn has some dignity while the Sun is peregrine. In all three charts Sun and Saturn are in succedant houses. As far as essential and accidental dignity go FAV has the slight edge. What changes is the position of the Moon, the aspects she makes and of course the position of the PoF which is dependant on the Moon. One general rule for such charts is that FAV will always win unless the chart shows testimony in favour of UDG. That means if there is not much happening in the chart then we can assume that FAV will win, by default.

Here is the chart for the half final game on the 6th of July:

Half Final: 6.07.2010 Cape town

The Moon is angular and will eventually form a sextile to the Sun in 5 degrees. Now this is very wide. So this might mean that UDG’s only possibility to win if the game is extended. If it comes to penalty shots then UDG has a chance. There is something that we can explore here and that is playing around with using either a fixed PoF or a reversed PoF. The chart to the right shows PoF reversed for a night chart. A fixed PoF (no reversal for a night chart) would be at 14 Sagittarius and it’s antiscion at 15 Capricorn. The antiscion would then be in opposition to the Sun, which again would be a testimony for UDG. But if FAV gets a goal during regular time then I think the game will go to FAV.

The half final game on the 7th of July has the following chart:

Half Final, 7.07.2010 Durban

In this chart not much is happening. The Moon applies to a trine with Saturn in 6 degrees. So it looks like to the game goes to FAV whichever way you look at it!

Some may jump up and down when they see Regulus on the cusp of the 7th house. I don’t think it is enough.

There is also not much happening along the antiscion front. Nothing unusual. Nothing that strengthens the significator of UDG.

The final game on the 11th of July:

Final, 11.07.2010 Johannesburg

Here more is happening! For one,
the Moon is applying to conjunction with the Sun in 1 degree. That is definitely a testimony for UDG. But there is also strong testimony for FAV, the conjunction of PoF with the Asc. (28 Aquarius for a fixed PoF). So which is stronger?

¡ Viva España !
or Hoog Nederland?
or maybe even,
Hoch Deutschland? 😉


4 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup: How does it all End?

  1. Thomas

    Thanks for your article and please let me ask you a few questions.
    I was reading your readings for July 6th and 11th.
    – Regarding the semi final Holland vs Uruguay why you prefer to use the FAV=ASC and not by colour?
    – At the eventual time of penalties (10:55 pM +/- 4min) the sextile between Moon and Sun woul have an orb of 3°50´. This is still wide in your opinion? Which would be the maximum admited orb to take effect the sextile?
    – Do you understand that the antiscion between 15° CAP and the Sun in Cancer (Holland zodiac sign), would be strong enough for the URDG to score during the game standard time.
    – Would be bettet for Uruguay to play with white kit (Moon)?
    – Natal chart aspects never are taken in account? Uruguay rectified chart is August 25th, 1825 – 07:27 pM Montevideo. Sun at 2° VIR (if arrives in a final match woul be the UNDG for sure. 🙂

    Please let me know your impressions if you do not mind when you have time.

    Thanks so much


  2. Hello Sebastian,
    As I wrote the article the teams were not yet known, but that doesn’t effect treating the games as contest charts. In one sense it is almost better, as ones’s preferences tend to influence one’s reading of the chart. Ever catch yourself looking for some minor positive testimony that just might weight the balance over major negative testimony? 🙂 Contest charts are always a 1st house 7th house affair. Unlike a horary, where 1st signifies the favoured team (identification with querant), the contest chart is cast for the time of the game and here Lord 1 is the generally favoured team and Lord 7 his opponent. Judging by colour is a level of detail that just might confuse the issue. For example if the Netherlands (Oranje) is the favorite then Saturn L1 would not fit colourwise, the Sun L7 is the obvious choice for orange. But will orange be the colour of the kit that the Netherlands wears today? I think L1 as Favourite and L7 as opponent is a more solid base of judgement.
    In event charts aspects should be close. In football 1 deg for each half of the game seems to be acceptable as a time base. In the World Cup knockout games the usual playing time can be extended as there must be a winner so an aspect 5 degrees away could only be penalty shots, and that is stretching it!
    Using the natal chart of the country is I think bringing in too much detail. After all it is just a game and not a major political event. Seen in the context of a countries history it is really a very ephemeral event. In 100 years no one will remember just what happened in the halffinal game between the Netherlands and Uruguay without consulting a lexicon. Studying a chart after the event can help clarify some matters. So we can see if the Moon applying to the Sun in 5 degrees is viable.
    Thank you for your comment and enjoy the game!
    best regards,

  3. For the game today I have overlooked the conjunction of Neptune to the Asc., which if effective would be a negative testimony for FAV. As far as essential dignity goes, Saturn L1 has the edge…

    enjoy the game! 🙂

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