World Cup: Does Germany have a Chance?

After Germany lost to Serbia in the group games I thought I might ask a careful horary. Not the usual, “Will my team win?” Of which there must be many thousands by now, but one in keeping with the German team’s careful, “We’ll see how the next game turns out”. So the horary question was: “Does Germany have a chance to win the World Cup title?” Let us look at the chart:

Does Germany have a Chance to win the title?

As you can see L1, my team, is just about to apply to the MC, the highest honor. So yes there is a chance. The prize, L10, the Sun also is trine the Asc. So that too is supporting testimony although it can be argued that the Sun is already separating (5 minutes) from the trine. So they’ll get their chance, but do we really want to know the title holder in advance? That would spoil all the fun. Remember the question was not whether they would win!

As of yesterday they made into the quarter-final. Shall we look at the event chart of the game against England?

England vs. Germany

England as favorite, is signified by Jupiter, L1. Germany is signified by Mercury L7. So let us look at the condition of each of the planets first. Jupiter has some dignity, he is in his own term. He is also in a succedant house. Because he has some dignity he is likely to score… What about Mercury? Mercury has no dignities but he has accidental dignity by being angular. He is in his own house. He is also applying directly to the Sun; L10, the prize. He also disposits the PoF which is also in the 7th house. You can ignore combustion as the Sun signifies the prize and Mercury is applying directly to it. So it looks like Mercury gets the pot of gold, in the form of a high score. If Jupiter had been peregrine the score would likely have been something like 7 : 0.

And what about the coming game between Argentina and Germany? Can Germany reach the half finals?

Argentina vs. Germany

Let us again look at planetary strength. L1, Jupiter is once again the favorite. This would be Argentina (after all the won all three group games!) Jupiter is in his own terms and as in the England vs. Germany chart in a succedant house. But in this chart there is a difference. Mercury no longer has accidental dignity by being angular, although he now is in his term and face. And like Jupiter he also is in a succedant house (this balances things out a bit is neither has the advantage of accidental dignity or debility through angularity or the opponent being in a falling sign). The PoF has moved to the 10th house but is still disposited by Mercury. The Sun, L10 is still in the 7th house. So these are testimonies for Germany, BUT, the Moon is applying to a conjunction with Jupiter at 2 Aries and that could just make a difference. I am curious about the conjunction to Uranus (applying, 26 minutes) — will it have a disruptive effect? (Outers fans, this is your chance to root for Uranus!).  Will the game once again be decided by penalty shots? As it was the last time around? I think that this too will be a memorable game


12 thoughts on “World Cup: Does Germany have a Chance?

  1. Hello Thomas,
    very happy to read you again.

    About the yesterday match I wrote something like that in Facebook yesterday before the match in the Italian part of my life :))
    I missed the Sun as the prize, very good point of you. Anyway I was sure that Mercury in the seventh house with the POF could not be an England victory- the term was not enough to win for Jupiter.

    I was puzzled by Mercury combustion, but as you explain it looks a very good explanation,

    stay well


  2. Hello Thomas,
    I think Moon´s application to L1 is a great advantage for Argentina. Uranus? A ball behind German goalkeeper in first minutes.

    Have a cold beer ,


    • Hello Trojan,

      🙂 I know which team you will be rooting for!
      Yes the close application of the Moon to L1 doesn’t look good for Germany. Sigh. But are you really sure that Uranus is the ball that lands behind the German keeper? After all it is soo very close the Argentina’s Significator. Maybe it might be that freak ball that lands behind the Argentine keeper and decides the game… LOL. We can compare notes after the game…


  3. Hello Trojan,
    I looked at the chart for the 2006 game between Germany and Argentina. There both significators were peregrine, but the significator for Germany was in the 7th house and that of Argentina in the 9th. Although there was no essential dignity, Germany had the edge by accidental dignity (angular over cadent) There too the Moon applied to a square with Germany’s significator. In the above chart Germany has a slight edge by essential dignity (Mercury is in his own face) but there is still the Moon aspect… It will be interesting to see what the Uranus/Moon conjunction signifies and whether Uranus prohibits the conjunction to Jupiter or whether he has no effect at all. I think this will be one nail-biter of a game!

  4. Hello Thomas,
    you´re wrong (it happens :-)) about my rooting for. England beated Slovenia and Germany punished England. So I go for Germany but the stars know more. Let us see.

    • Hello Trojan,

      Yes, I can see the logic of that! 🙂

      From the looks of it the applying conjunction between Moon and Jupiter will probably decide the game for Argentina unless of course they flubb it somehow by letting a potential opportunity pass ? 😉 Yes, let us see…

  5. Hi, thanks for the idea!
    I was playing a bit with it, but with the Netherlands-Team. So when I got you right, you take the favorite team as L1 and the other team as L7?
    I really like your blog…;)

    Best wishes,

    • Hello Irene,
      In a horary question L1 is always the significator of the querants team. The idea behind it is identification. The querant and team are one.

      For an event chart L1 is the generally favored team.

      And thank you for the compliment! 🙂

      best regards,

    OK Outers fans maybe it was Uranus but then all the favorites seem to consistently lose the important games. Could it be that the antiscion of Jupiter always so close to Saturn might also have its effect… Questions. Questions. Questions.

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