2012: Time of Change, but in which Direction?

Poor 2012. It hasn’t even begun and already has a bad reputation. The world is supposed to end, say some. Others say, no, not end, but end as we know it because other-worldly visitors wearing headdresses of feathers and stone will come and solve humanities’ messes. And all because of the end of a cycle in the mysterious Mayan Calender. With all the sensation-mongering the real sensation is being ignored. 2012 is the year that Regulus, the heart of the Lion, one of the royal stars, moves into Virgo after a 2149 year sojourn in Leo. That is an end of a cycle. More profoundly so, as it will join the other royal stars, Aldebaran, Antares and Fomalhaut who have been in mutable signs for a while now.

Most mundane events cast their shadows beforehand and so perhaps we should ask ourselves what current events are telling us.

Around the time of Regulus’ last sign shift, ca. 138 BC, the Roman Republic, to take one example, was in upheaval. Historians say that the assassination of Tiberius Gracus, whose reforms threatened the holdings of rich landholders, marked the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic. Rome was later to become imperial and to dominate the world. Wealth and power were concentrated in Rome in a hitherto unknown dimension – very leonine if you ask me.

Could 2012 point to the final breakdown of the last remnants of Roman Imperial policy that have lived in one form or the other in the hearts of the wealthy and powerful down to this day? Could it be that the tumult of our day is a call for Virgoan discipline and careful housekeeping? Could it be that 2012 marks not the apocalyptic doom that some would have, but centuries of conflict over rapidly diminishing resources? Dying oceans? Could it be that instead of a dramatic deus ex machina that rationing of those meagre resources that remain will become the lot of most of humanity unless an awareness for a rational and responsible care for the planet; land, air and sea is cultivated?

2 thoughts on “2012: Time of Change, but in which Direction?

  1. Γειά σας.Είναι πολύ καλή η πληροφορία που δίνεται για τη μετακίνηση του Βασιλίσκου,και το τι γεγονότα μπορεί να προκαλέσει αυτό.Ο δάσκαλός μου την έκανε αυτή την αναφορά εδώ και πολλά χρόνια,αλλά δεν ζει πια.Στην ορθόδοξη Χριστιανική παράδοση έχουμε μια συμβολική εικόνα με τους 4 Αποστόλους των Ευαγγελίων να αποτελούν τους κλειδοκράτορες του σύμπαντος.
    Μου έκανε μεγάλη εντύπωση που αυτό το γεγονός δεν είχε επισημανθεί απο τους ερευνητές,και είχα ψάξει πολλές φορές για αυτό.Τι θα φέρει;το τέλος κάποιας Αυτοκρατορίας σίγουρα,αλλά στην οικολογία ίσως να μην είναι θετικά τα γεγονότα.Η άλλη ερώτηση είναι ποιος αστέρας τον αντικαθιστά,αν τον αντικαθιστά.Αν υπάρχει ενδιαφέρον ας ξεκινήσει μια συζήτηση.Ζητώ συγγνώμη για τη γλώσσα,αλλά δεν έχω επαρκείς γνώσεις Αγγλικής.Σοφία

    • Hello Sofia,
      True, it is part of the Christian tradition to associate the 4 Evangelists with the 4 fixed signs. This symbolism remains in place as it belongs to the sphere “above” or “beyond” the fixed stars, the sphere of the towers. With the transition of the heart of the lion into the zodiacal sign of Virgo, or can we say the tower of Virgo, we have a sidereal event that also touches this realm. Regulus remains Regulus and the four fixed signs and their association with the 4 Evangelists also remains. I think that the ecological connection is surely there, but only if we wish it. Care for the ecological balance is the challenge. We are free to ignore it, with dire consequence, or we take real responsibility. This is the task of many generations. I think the wish for an “apocalypse” is avoidance of responsibility. And guess what? The world will still be here in 2013 and the pressure to take responsibility will just increase. That is all. The four royal stars will be in mutable, double-sided signs. It is something to think about. Thank you for commenting. 🙂

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