When will my Grandchild be Born?

This is a common question. Not as common as, “Does (s)he love me?”
but one that turns up now and then.

The situation. Daughter is in the high phase of pregnancy and can’t wait for the child to be born and be relieved of the increasing discomfort. She thinks the child will come any minute and is beginning to get impatient. So grandmother to be asks:

“When will my grandchild be born? Here is the chart:

When will my grandchild be born?

Mars, Lord 5 signifies the daughter
Jupiter Lord 9 signifies the child
The Moon shows the unfolding of the event

The child, signified by well dignified Jupiter in his own house and sign is well  – there was some worry that the birth might have to be induced. Jupiter is still comfortably placed in his own sign and house but well towards the end. He has a little over six degrees before he leaves Pisces. The six degrees can only be taken symbolically as Jupiter won’t be leaving Pisces for a while yet. The child will be born soon. So symbollically we have one indication, a little over six days we could say. But what of the Moon?

The Moon last formed a trine with the MC and before that to Mars, the daughter. So we have the first contact. And the next aspect? The Moon forms a square to Jupiter, the child. Second contact. The chart reflects the question nicely. Moreso, as the Moon is also in the house of the daughter. Interesting also is that the aspect is a square which also describes the situation nicely. The child will be pushed out into the world. The square comes to perfection in 6º 50′. Now the Moon is fairly slow in motion in this chart so the answer was 6 to 7 days. The daughter didn’t believe this at all. She was convinced the birth was immanent. But 6 and a half days after the question was asked the child was born. Interestingly enough Lord of the Ascendant of the birthchart of the child is Jupiter.


2 thoughts on “When will my Grandchild be Born?

  1. Hello, Thomas,
    you were missed.
    Congratulations for correct answer and all the best to the new born.
    It looks that you worked on 1st of May, The Labour Day :-))

    With kind regards,

    • Hello Trojan,
      Can’t describe how busy I’ve been. 😉 But I do try to fit in a post in between. Somehow.
      Holiday? What is a holiday? 🙂
      with warmest regards,

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