Knotty but not Naught: the Lunar Nodes

I concluded the last article with the question, ‘What happens when you step on a node?’

In our travels as a planet around the Tree of Knowledge and the hidden Tree of Life there are two crossing points where the roots of the Tree are especially prominent. The radix of the Tree has two knots on opposing sides. One is elevated above the ground and the other is submerged deeply in a small depression. These are crossing points and require our attention if we wish to pass across them without stumbling or stubbing our toes. Let us look at these knots, yet again.

The knots are of course the lunar nodes (nodus is latin for knot or crossing). They are literally crossing points. Here the Moon intersects the ecliptic, the path of the Sun and so they do indeed have a ‘fateful’ character, especially should the Moon be near the crossing when she fully receives the light of the Sun or when she is fully obscured by the earth. Then either a solar or lunar eclipse occurs. Another characteristic is that the nodes are perpetually in retrograde, they are not static. As the Moon moves forwards they move backwards and only the Moon and the Sun  ‘conjunct’ them literally. And so the Nodes are intimately connected with two other invisible points that are formed by the movement of the Sun and the Moon – the Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit. The only difference is that with the Parts of Fortune and Spirit there is a third factor, the Ascendant. It is precisely this third factor which gives us an additional clue as to how to ‘read’ the lunar nodes. The Ascendant is our very personal connection with our incarnation and so the Parts of Fortune and Spirit show our orientation towards our outer and inner life, in this incarnation. The nodes are superordinate and so it is not surprising that they are often associated with what is known as karma. They show our orientation not to our inner and outer life but to that of the World. They are, to use Christian imagery the two nails on which we hang on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. They are points of conscious awareness and as such also of agony in all levels of meaning (ἀγών – agon means contest in classical Greek).

2 thoughts on “Knotty but not Naught: the Lunar Nodes

  1. On page 130 of Les Alchandreana primitifs, David Juste writes:

    “Les auteurs sont conscients de leur durée de revolution, de leur movement rétrograde, de leur opposition diamétrale dans le zodiaque et précisent aussi que le signe originel de la Tête du Dragon est le Lion … Le choix du Lion comme signe originel s’explique peut-être du fait que la paire Lion/Verseau (tout comme Gémeaux/Sagittaire) n’est pas desservie dans le système des exaltations/chutes.”

    The North Node rules Leo and exalts in Gemini; the South Node rules Aquarius and exalts in Sagittarius. Juste cites a number of traditional (Western) sources in support of this. I think this issue has finally been resolved.


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