Hello Fellow Planet!

Only the human being can walk and by extension dance.

Recently while walking in the woods I tried to observe myself walking and quickly found myself considering the macrocosmic equivalent. Each of us is in a sense a planet. And even more so if you consider that the Greek meaning for the word “planet” means to stray around. That is exactly what the planets do against the canopy of the fixed stars, they wander forwards and backwards, they appear to stray around.

Now the planets move around a central point. The question is where in our life-wandering, our life dance our focus or centre is. Do you know yours? And if we extend the analogy then we know that there are certain regions where we are at home (domicile), others where we are capable of reaching beyond ourselves (exaltation), others where we require good orientation so as not to go astray (peregrine) and yet other regions where we are at our worst (fall) or entirely out of our depth (exile). If you can answer these questions accurately you might find them reflected in your birth chart – use both whole houses and a quadrant house system.

And now fellow planet. What happens when you step on a node? We’ll examine this in the next article.

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