Earthquake Prediction: What are the limits?

I wrote this a month ago, but decided not to publish while the event was so recent. The questions asked below could equally be applied to the recent earthquake in Chile. This too I would prefer to look at closer at a later date.

The recent earthquake in Haiti has had me examining the charts and has raised many questions.

  • Could the earthquake have been predicted? And under what circumstances?
  • By whom and with which charts?
  • If an astrologer had seen the potential danger could he have been able to help?
  • Would he have been believed? And if so could he have prevented panic?

Before looking at the charts I would like to tackle these questions and try to answer them.

  • Theoretically yes. But in practice it would be highly unlikely. The main problem is that no one person can digest all of the mundane charts for every location for all hours of the day. That would require omnipotence. A local astrologer might indeed look at all of the relevant mundane charts and see a potential and he might even be able to narrow down the more crucial time period but I don’t think it likely that he would be able to narrow down the time frame to the exact minute.
  • A local astrologer is the best candidate or any astrologer who for whatever reason chooses a locality to study. Which charts are relevant? Well there are a whole slough of them. There are ingress charts, moon phase charts, solar and lunar eclipse charts. All calculated for the latitude and longitude of the locality. The question of a solar eclipse casting its shadow beforehand is one I would like to discuss further.
  • That is the crux of the problem. Probably seismologists are faced with the same question. The best help is to emphasize the prevention of unwanted damage. In an earthquake region this means that buildings should be planned for just the eventuality of an earthquake, but in very poor regions of the world to what extent can this be done? So added to the ethical questions is a political one. What role does foreign aid have? Should it build up an economy or an infrastructure?
  • Again this question is also likely faced by the seismologist. Can exact times really be predicted or must one be content with recording events and then trying to understand them in the hope of eventually, in an unseen future, to have an exact predictive method. And when one has an exact method, and is believed, how does one prevent panic? That is entirely dependant on how critical information is received and treated and by whom- in this case a governmental institution is likely. Who is party to the prediction and who is able to act on it? In this case again a political decision as a whole region is affected.

Here is the chart for Port-au-Prince at the time of the earthquake:

Earthquake:Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 12.01.2010, 9:53:10pm EST

Most notable is Uranus on the descendant and Moon close to the IC. The Moon, Pluto and Mercury are also in the 4th house. The antiscion of Mercury Lord 1 is conjunct the IC. If we look at the midpoints we find Jupiter/Neptune at the midpoint of Moon/Uranus. Mars also on the midpoint of Mercury/Uranus. The Moon is in opposition to the IC of the Solar Eclipse of July 2009.

If we look at some of the mundane charts, Capricorn Ingress, previous solar and lunar eclipse, can we see earthquake potential? Could a local astrologer who follows the charts have seen the possibility? Let us look at a few factors:

Solar Eclipse July 22, 2009 ASC/DESC ( 25 Pisces/Virgo). Uranus conjunct Asc 26 Pisces; MC/IC (26 Sagittarius/Gemini)

Capricorn Ingress 21 Dec, 2009 ASC/DESC (18 Aries/Libra). MC/IC (13 Capricorn/Cancer) Mercury wide conjunction to MC (19 Capricorn)

Lunar Eclipse 31 Dec ,2009 ASC/DESC (25 Taurus/Scorpio). MC/IC (13 Aquarius/Leo) Mars near IC (18 Leo).

If we take into account the planetary positions during the inception of Haiti as an independent state (Jan. 1, 1804 Gonaives Haiti) then there might be call for more acute attention, particularly considering the recent Saturn return at 3*27 Libra. There is also a Pluto/Mars conjunction at 3* Leo if you want to bring Pluto into the picture. The predominance of Uranus, Mercury and Mars in the above three mundane charts should have a local astrologer looking for more detail. That means looking at more than one solar eclipse and looking at the moon phase charts for the period as well as ingresses of Mars and Mercury. I however don’t think that anyone could have predicted the destruction of this earthquake on the three charts alone. The earthquake chart of course provides the detailed information.

2 thoughts on “Earthquake Prediction: What are the limits?

  1. Do you know Gonzalo Pena? He’s excellent at predicting earthquakes locally in Mexico and on his predictive astrology email list talks about predicting earthquakes quite a bit, especially about upcoming sensitive times, but he’s generally with his practice and such to go about predicting non-local earthquakes. If you can handle his eccentricity and the sometimes harsh nature of his no-holds-barred no-rules email list, then I_Predict (at Yahoo Groups) an amazing place. (I personally can’t handle the no holds barredness of the place and have set everyone else’s messages except for his to go into my trash bucket, though.)

    • Hello Earnest,
      No, I don’t know him. Do you know whether his predictions are taken seriously outside of astrological circles?

      Thank you for the reference though! The list might interest Altair Astrology readers. Quite frankly email lists are very time consuming and at the moment time is at a premium! The days somehow don’t seem long enough. 😉

      best regards,

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