Dodecatomoria: What are they?

The name itself already tells us that we are dealing with a technique that hellenistic astrologer’s commonly used. It literally means, “twelve fates”. Just as the circle of heaven is divided into 12 zodiacal signs so too is each sign in turn divided into 12 dodecatomorion of 2 1/2 degrees each. There is one small difference. The first dodecatomorion of a sign is always of the same sign. Only in Aries is the first dodecatomorion Aries. The first dodecatomorion of Leo is Leo continuing onto Cancer as the last dodecatomorion of that sign. As they are multiples of 2.5 degrees they are fairly easy to find. But for the mathematically inclined there is also methods to calculate them. I will present the system of 12 here, where ordinal numbers (0 to 1 is the 1st degree) are used.

  1. If every 2 1/2 degrees of a zodiacal sign is one dodecatomorion, then every 5 minutes of a zodiacal sign is a dodecatomorion degree (60 / 12 = 5)
  2. Multiply the zodiacal degree by 12 to determine the position along a 360 deg. circle. Divide by 30 and you have the number of signs. The remainder is in degrees. The remainder is added to the number of degrees determined by the step described below.
  3. divide the number of zodiacal minutes by 5 and add this to the degrees determined above. The sum is the number of degrees of the dodecatomorion.

An example: Suppose we want to find the dodecatomorion of 15 Sagittarius 30?

  1. 15 x 12 = 180 , 180 / 30 = 6  the dodecatomorion is 6 signs away in Gemini.
  2. 30 / 5 = 6, in 6 degrees of Gemini

Another example: What is the dodecatomorion of 29 Pisces 59?

  1. 29 x 12 = 348, 348 / 30 = 11 signs + a remainder of 18 degrees
  2. 59 / 5 = 11.8 degrees, 11.8 + 18 = 29.8 degrees Aquarius

The Dodecatomoria provide yet another level of detail. They are not unlike the bounds (terms) or the decans (faces) and can be used in a similar fashion.

A planet that has just entered its domicile it is also in its dodecatomorion. It has entered into its house and is immediately at home. If it enters its exaltation, the effect of the exaltation is felt immediately and is probably the strongest there. Now about midway the planet will become “weary” of its home and strives once more to go out of its house and engage in some activity. In the middle of its domicile it is also in the dodecatomorion of its exile. So this is the first impulse to leave home (maybe too much housework!). The same is true for exaltation. In the middle of the sign of its exaltation a planet enters the dodecatomorion of its fall. All that adoration and worship begins to become wearisome, time to have some peace and quiet! The middle dodecatomorion is for planets in their domicile and exaltation reflects on a larger scale what happens on the MC. The highest elevation has been reached. After that it is downhill.

The opposite is true of planets entering their exile or fall. They receive the full brunt of the debility the moment they enter their exile or fall. At the middle of the sign they are in the dodecatomorion of their domicile or exaltation. This is like being on the IC. It can only go uphill and get better. The deepest point of weakness or bitterness has been reached.

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