Ye Newe Yeare Quizze Questionne

Said Alasboa to Alzarfa, “Why do you follow, when you should lead?”
But, Alzarfa was distracted by Alaracen breathing down his neck and Alafraze stepping on his toes.
Only later would he reply, “Lead? When you are both before and behind me? Which direction should I take?”
Azea whispered to Bolah what Abuaarca roared not a more than a day before. Bolah grinned and told the tale to Zacazad who laughed and laughed. Altarfin shouted, “FIN!! (Stop!!)” “Albarain is trying to solve a problem that Algebra had set him and needed to concentrate and if he didn’t he would send Algetua who would certainly get him. ” Zacazad only laughed louder and Alasboah joined in. “Children!” called their mother, “You must come in now as all must be ordered for the coming year”.

Who are Alzarfa & co? Who is their mother?

1. Shezerade is their mother. They are all figures in her tales of 1001 nights.

2. They are the sons and daughters ( each of them noted astrologers ) of the influential 9th century astrologer Allamazed (pronounced all amazed – and you should be if you have never heard of her).

3. They are the Moon and all but one are some of her houses.

4. They are characters in Verdi’s Opera, “Alzira”. The story, based on the Mother Goose tale of the Woman who lived in a Shoe, tells of the widow Alzira and her many children.

6 thoughts on “Ye Newe Yeare Quizze Questionne

  1. Erm. Most definitely the Moon alias Mother Goose’s Shoe Woman. The Nursery Tales are full of old wisdom in a childish guise. And all of those children in the shoe are the mansions.

    Old Mother Goose,
    When she wanted to wander,
    Would ride through the air
    On a very fine gander.

    Jack’s mother came in,
    And caught the goose soon,
    And mounting its back,
    Flew up to the moon.

  2. Some of the names are similar to those of arabic lunar mansions, but the rest of them sound somewhat like distortions or in other languages:
    “Alasboa” means “the week” in arabic.
    “Alzarfa” – 12th lunar mansion – the lion’s tail, following but not leading (aka fixed star Denebola).
    “AlTarf” – 9th lunar mansion – The Glance of the Lion’s Eye – a fixed star positioned in the lion’s mouth , therefore shouting.
    “Albarain” – could be 7th lunar mansion – Aldebaran “the bright one” (or the follower ), trying to solve a problem.
    “Algebra” could be “Algebha” – 10th lunar mansion “The forehead”.
    “Bolah” – Caadebolach – 23rd lunar masion.

    Alarcen, Alafraze, Azea, Abuaarca,Zacazad…
    Might be the names of Al-Jazeera TV network reporters?

    What a shame I failed this attempt to Pick-A-Trick(s). 😉

    • Hello dear Antiquarian!

      The words are undoubtedly garbled as the acoustics in shoes are perfectly dreadful. 🙂 I can just hear Mother yelling, “Zacharias! Sit up!” and it coming out all muffly, “Zacazad! Seelab!” And it made such an impression on Bonatus as he passed by that he recorded it in his notebook!

      It is a wonder you could even recognize some of them remotely resembling arabic names for some of the mansions. Excellent!


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