Ye Quizze før Øctøbyr

Declination. What is it?

1. Every schoolchild knows that it is the Dianthus caryophyllus, cultivated in the Mediterranean region for more than 2000 years and favoured by Vettius Valentine in his collection of blossoms. Although some say it was already cultivated in the hanging gardens of Babylon.

2. It is what any sensible planet does after it has encountered the equator. It is ‘cross and distances itself.

3. It is what occurs when one occupies a chaise longue after a long day at the charts.

4. The word has been misspelled. You mean D-E-C-L-I-M-A-T-I-O-N. Like in the declimation of interference.

5. Declination is part of a coordinate system that shows the position of an object with respect to the equator. Its companion coordinate is right ascension.

6. Declination is a form of inflection much used in hoary astrology, particularly in questions where number, gender, case and possession play a major role.

12 thoughts on “Ye Quizze før Øctøbyr

  1. Oh Goodoh!! I love Ye Quizzes :0)))

    Lovely stuff Thomas even though I thought that ‘declination’ was what one did when politely turning down one’s more eccentric client’s horary requests. 😉

    My favorite of yours below is number 3, but that could of course be on account of my detrimented Venus. Hmmmmm I wonder which Sun Sign gave which explanation?

    My take would be:
    Number 1 = Taurus the gardener
    Number 1 = Quarrelsome Aries
    Number 3 = Lazy (or love-loving) Libra
    Number 4 = Nit-picky Virgo!
    Number 5 = Astrologer Aquarius
    Number 6 = Gemini the orator

    CarO 🙂

    • Hello CarO,

      You are quite right. Declination must be cultivated by the horary astrologer. One must know when to say no. 🙂

      And yes, the answers do seem to have a zodiacal counterpart, perhaps representatives of the water signs, Leo, Sagittarius and Capricorn might decline to give their versions of the answer?


    • Hello Margherita!

      Are you sure you are not speaking about inclination?
      rose, rise, arisen? 😉

      And Dianthus Caryophyllus is not just a common herb. It was worn even by the Pythagoreans at examination time. Astrological wisdom is concealed in its whorl! Where do you expect the term crib petal came from?


  2. Dear Thomas

    Number 1 is the right answer, of course!

    We all know that Vettius was so famous that he was made a Saint after his death and we all remember his birthday every year on February 14th, which is of course St. Vettius Valentine’s day, also known in as Clination day in some regions.


  3. Dear Thomas

    The thought of someone like Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler, selling carfillies in a bun, ‘for all your Pythagorean needs, get them while thay are fresh’, cheers me up tremendously.

    Thanks for the Quizze, it makes my day!

    Peter 🙂

  4. Hello Thomas,

    nit-picky Virgo votes for five, of course.

    For me – recently retired man – my new position is a kind of declination from the way of former life.

    Thank you for Ye Quizze.


  5. “Declination” is the name, logo and registered trademark of a new, extraordinarily accurate and revolutionary Chaldean astrology software (only $9999.99 + shipping & whipping)

    “Declination” is a misspelled shortcut for “DECimal Lineation”, which is a top secret prediction techniqe applied by this reknown computer program.

    This was recently discovered on a newly uncovered ancient stone tablet , found by archaic archeologists under the ruins of the biblical city of Ur Kasdim. Its unquestionable creator was Terach, Abraham’s father, the world famous chaldean astrologer.

    “Decimal Lineation” is a greedy gridding tool which creates 3D and 4D time-space maps, on which the unfortuante native’s entire pre-determined life history is plotted.

    • Hello Antique,

      What so cheap?

      Dr. N. says that Terach was such a clever young man and he remembers his visit to Ur Kasdim well. He also tells me that if one wants to tweak the decimal lineation and ensure an optimal reception, make sure to choose sexigismal notation from the pop-down menu in the pre-determination menu. After the >”/=<<//<<<//—

      Thank you for pointing this valuable software out to us. 🙂


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